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  1. Is there anyone available for one and two day trips on Tues & Weds leaving from Tokyo/Saitama. Drop me a line and maybe we can have a day out in January. gavin ------------------ Contact: gavhep@yahoo.com
  2. Yeah it's still on. Where do you live in Saitama? I teach in Omiya. gav ------------------ Contact: gavhep@yahoo.com
  3. Why don't you Tokyo kids come and play on Wednesday night. More the merrier. Gav, ( Live in Tokyo, Work in Saitama)
  4. Hi Cal, Yeah anyone is welcome. Where u live? Danz, What do you do in Tsukuba. I work for Tskuba Uni but here in Tokyo. Gav ------------------ Contact: gavhep@yahoo.com
  5. Hi Nat, I might be intrested if there is snow but I don't think there will be any snow then. I will see you on Wednesday night so we can talk then. Gav ------------------ Contact: gavhep@yahoo.com
  6. OK Guys, Dec 5th, 7.30pm, Harajuku Station. Snoopy Shop Entrance across from the station Main Exit. All welcome. Maybe 8 people now. More welcome. Skijapanguide people are you up for it? Gavin ------------------ Contact: gavhep@yahoo.com
  7. Nat, I want to meet but I can't make it on the 29th. Thursdays and Fridays are bad for me. gav
  8. Hi guys, Howabout a meet and a few beers on December 5th. It's a Wednesday. Maybe 7.30 at a pub around Shinjuku or Shibuya? Anyone available? gav [This message has been edited by Gavhep (edited 20 November 2001).]
  9. Anyone intrested in Skiing/boarding and wants to meet likeminded people in the Tokyo area. Howabout meeting in a Pub at the end of November and having a few beers and maybe plan a day out to the slopes in December (conditions permitting- Snow Dammit!) Just an idea. Let me know. Maybe a sunday night is good? gavin ------------------ Contact: gavhep@yahoo.com
  10. I also live in Tokyo and am intrested in making snowboarding friends. Howabout we try meeting for a few beers at the beginning of december. I'm going to post this agin as a new topic. Gavin
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