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  1. what a fantastic opportunity if you are a complaining crybaby.
  2. go is used in words of Chinese origin. go-han go-kyoudai but that's allz I know o is used in words not of Chinese origin. and there's a bunch of 'em.
  3. The best excercise is anything in the pipe - especially if you hike it. Or the same goes with backcountry, but it's harder to keep up the regular routine with that.
  4. r45 - you get a lot of hemming and hawing when you ask people if they cheat ttb - "Uh well I have in the past, but if I met the right person . . . never" or "Hey does one lasp in judgement 4 years ago before i was married count as cheating? "(Fattwins ) so that option is for those hemmers and hawers. sweetaz - answer it however you like - that is the beauty of polls - they allow for differences in the intended and perceived meanings of questions. But to elaborate - I was thinking in a time frame of a year or three when I wrote question one. Bowler - I don't know how to change y
  5. voicemail systems - these things are so stupid. EVERY SINGLE TIME I call a company, I want to talk to a person and ask specific questions relating to my account, or plan, or bill or whatever, but everytime I have to wade through 6 different voicemail menus to finally get to the "If you'd like to speak to one of our customer service representatives, please press 4" option. Now I am sure that there are hordes of people calling to get the office of operation, or whatever info, but it's just gotten to such a point. . .
  6. db, that's GHB ! ! GBH is that old English punk band.
  7. I dunno if my long post in the other thread was clear or not, but I wanna make it clear that I never go looking for trouble. I am a smaller guy, but I don't feel that I have something to prove to bigger guys. Only to myself, so I work hard, study hard, play hard. When I go out, I am always in a good mood looking to just hang out with my friends and have fun. In the examples in the killer instinct thread (halloween, and the knife wielders), it was always drunk assh^les looking to bother me, cuz I was there and a good target (by myself, small but not too small). I am way chill
  8. I don't get it either, but I have been in lots of fights in my life. And I am often the target of violence as well. I really don't know why, but I think a big part of it is my size. I am 5'8" and I weigh 160 lbs. So I am short, but not too short, and I have a medium build - muscular, with a small gut that has developed in the past 2 or 3 years, but I do my situps. I think my size is significant, because I fall probably right around a 4 on a 1-10 scale of bigness - and in people who bother me's eyes that probably means small enough to take down, but not so small that they will
  9. I'll take you up on the lentil stew, Ocean, as I don't eat any animals, and haven't for a long time. True I ate the occasional fish while in Japan, but I think eating fish is more justifiable than eating other animals, because fish live their lives free. Although after reading about overfishing, It has once again become less justifiable in my mind. Anyways, I think that the way people treat animals they eat reflects two things - 1) an ignorance lack of care about what goes into the farming of animals that become food, and 2) and active desire to continue ignoring and continue not caring
  10. sucks, but I always thought that the reason for killing the dolphins was to eliminate competition for the fish that we and they both prey on, and not to get dolpin meat. either way, it is as bothersome as any mistreatment of animals that happens in my book. From whale slaughter and factory farms to zebra pelts and mink farms, to bear traps and Steve Irwin I am not in favor of any of it.
  11. This weekend I was at a halloween party and there were some rough jock types leaving the place. It was really interesting what happened inside of my head. One of these guys, who probably outweighed me by about 20 kg, was all wasted, and decided to give me the old passing by shoulder slam thingy - you know it right ? Well for what I could see, it was for no other reason than he was drunk, bigger than me, and thought he could walk out of the bar like a tough guy. Some kindov vindication for striking out with the ladies. . . i dunno. Typical jock behavior and I have seen it 1000 times.
  12. as it stands, the second route will burn more calories, because you are doing more work - it's simple physics, my good theOrange. work = force x distance So if you up your distance, you up your workload. but there is a flip side - in order to effectively burn fat, your pulse has to be in a range called something like the "working heart rate" for a period longer than 20 minutes. If you slow down your pulse to a resting heart rate before 20 minutes, you will go right back to burning glycogen from your muscles resulting in greater fatigue, sluggishness, yet less fat burned. i
  13. I do like face shots, but yes, it definately has gotten in my way a few times. When in the trees at Cortina, it was just a big cloud of spray, due to my own trails, and the trails of those I was riding with, and it isn't cool not being able to see in thick steep trees, so I had to stop. same with a few other times, usually at cortina ,where the steepness adds to the probablity of face shots, i have had to stop cuz of the spray. i have never had to stop at Nozawa, where it is generally not quite as steep. and i have choked on the stuff plenty of times, although I don't find th
  14. my fingers are okay - they are still a little bit twisted, and I can't make them go straight, but they only hurt when I move them a certain way. lucky I guess, and i don't have any recommendations for broken fingers, other than rebreaking them yourself, in an effort to try to straighten them, which seemed to fix my right pinkie. And yeah, I was there for Fattwins crash as well - really funny, and relieved that it didn't make him half a man.
  15. So what is your favorite onomotopoeia ? I notice there are quite a few Japanese onomotopoeia. My gf used to tell me "onaka puni puni, onaka pon-pon" but I never believed any of it, because despite a lack of emaciation seemingly present in the average Japanese male population, my belly measures up pretty slim in comparison with my peer group, here in cheese and beer country. overall, I like "cha-ching" cuz it is just so cornball, kinda like "shwing" when Wayne's world came out, but I never bought into that" - funny how entertainers make up and try out their own language in an attempt
  16. but I think yout rhetorical whatever goes one step beyond poisoning the well. Embedded in your statement is not only a statement that attempts to discredit your opponent and their arguments before they use them, but moreover that suggests that even bringing up an argument would discredit any counter of your argument at all. Akin to posting something like "Killing fairies is a great thing, but before you disagree with me, realize that for every message in support of not killing fairies, a fairie dies. So if you post against my opinion, you prove my point."
  17. I like to drink - as many as I can after a good day of riding, but only if I am staying nearby. See, there is so much effort involved in the single day trips that I don't need to exert if I am staying overnight somewhere, that after a shower/onsen/whatever - I am ready to go again. Plus the fact that the mountain is only a minute away vs. an hour, and I got time to burn. I always went out when I was staying in Hakuba for New Years, and I had no trouble getting to the hill early.
  18. Oh yeah, oh yeah ? ? Well I'd rather carry 10 buckets on my head, than one lousy quiver on my back
  19. I never get why Naeba and Happo get so hyped up. I never went to either place last season, although I was in Happo village quite often. It was just the sheer masses of people swarming the place that drove me away, and by the stats that I have seen, the same is even truer of Naeba. Who wants to dodge other skiers/riders all day long ? I don't get it. anyone ?
  20. Is it no coincidence that those who have used, or come out slightly in favor of the word quiver - i.e. Fattwins, Zwelgen, and Mogski are all forward facers. . . while those who oppose it, or have suggested other words - i.e. mikazooki, myself and Ocean11, are all sidewinders ? with a sample size of 6, I'd say I am ready for my conclusion, that yes indeed, skiers can keep that lame-o word, but it is high time for we boarders to get our own. suggestions ? looks like we have "excitement" and "bucket" so far . . .
  21. Oh, and cocaine might not be dope, but according to US law, it IS a narcotic.
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