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  1. Lloyd, take a disco vacation in Bali, yah kangaroo-rootin' convict phuck. I think the design doesn't lack so much unity with itself, but definately with the rest of the Manhattan skyline.
  2. Here at my 40,000 student State University Jock-ocracy, frat life is all about Abercrombie & Fitch, drinking the cheapest beer possible, football Saturday, date-rape, buying friends, pissing on the underclassman members as much as possible, and cheating on School of Business exams.
  3. I made up my own cocktail and it is pretty damn good. It's also pretty damn girly, but who cares and who's countin' ? 1 part Vodka 2 parts Cherry Juice + garnish (cherries, lime, whatevah. . .) I call it the Red Door. Of course you need real cherry juice, which is probably not easy to find in Japan, but is all too abundant here in Wisconsin. One thing that I like to do if I am on a cocktail kick, is to make ice cubes out of various flavors of juice or whatnot - lime juice, lemonade, orange juice, grape juice. That way you can serve up big glasses full of colorful ice
  4. to stop yawns - just bite your lip or tongue, same thing works supressing a laugh (when you feel the urge to laugh at something stupid one of your colleagues is saying)
  5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years ? Where would you like to be in 10 years ? and most importantly, can you make the 2 visions become one and the same ? In 10 years I'll be 39. I see myself working in a hospital pharmacy in a mountain town, married, 2 kids. still snowboarding. Not a bad life. Where I would like to be is single, at some beach in Europe, suntanned and fluent in enough languages to mack on all the ladies at my wild parties that I throw everynight in my beachfront 3-level. I don't think I can make them mesh.
  6. Oh I know what yer sayin'. I tried to volunteer for a shelter once in college, but the funny thing was that the social worker made every effort to dissuade me from helping out. Slow - why is that the general attitude towards homeless people in Japan ? That "it's there choice." Granted, I don't know too much about the situation, but I hear that line an awful lot. Is there free housing available for these people ? Seems odd to me that anyone would choose to live under a blue tarp in a park.
  7. Some of you are being way too harsh. I don't agree with the war either, but I would rather a program like this exist than for me (taxpayer in the US, albeit not an American) to have to pay for the troops R&R. I already have had to pay too much for this war. As dotdbdot said, if you support the troops, great, here is a clever way to do just that. I am sure they will appreciate it. Who says the airline companies are ripping off the soldiers ? Or that they are being scammed ? They are being given extra time off from their jobs, and they can choose to do what they like with t
  8. the best you could do would be gala yuzawa, but that would be an hour and a half shinkansen ride for 3 people both ways, every day for 5 days - minimum cost would be 160,000 Yen. The highway wouldn't be much cheaper probably. From Tokyo to Hakuba is a 5 hour drive. Probably a 3 hour drive to Yuzawa. I don't think your plan is very realistic. If you really want to go skiing somewhere, you really need to think about staying over night somewhere. It is cheap, and much better than making the long trip everyday. Oh yeah, the time of year is no problem at all.
  9. I have suffered several concussions. . . they say that each one increases your chances of Alzheimer's by x% x being a number I can't remember, maybe 4?? Anyways, yeah, once I did a standing backflip to concrete headplant and knocked myself out. Once I was swinging on some ceiling pipes, gymnastics style, got horizontal, and my hands slipped, landing the back of my head on the polished cement floor. And once I fell face first on a big kicker, broke my nose and knocked myself out, bad concussion. These days, I don't sweat them at all, I think my extacy blackouts circa 2000 caused f
  10. So I got home last Saturday after spending 6 days and nights in Breckenridge Colorado. This is my story. . . Zwelgen flew into my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, USA after a long painful flight from New Zealand. As some of you know, she got a job this year in Breckenridge, CO as a cook. While it doesn't sound like a great job, they sponsored her (and alot of other international folks') visa, and by the end of the trip I was jealous of her lack of responsibility, and just the overall casualness of her work environment. I had the death flu when she arrived, so I carted her over to
  11. From what I can determine from this site, they will send this guy out to rescue you - he's pretty strong by the looks of it, and from what I hear, fully trained in medicine, rescue, and yelling. And the premiums are somewhere around 10.750円 for the season ? ? Sounds like a perty good deal to me.
  12. It's not superpipes that I don't like, Northstar at Tahoe has a great superpipe, it just was Dyna's that I didn't care for. . . Just no trannies. Big transitions are one of the major advantages of superpipes - it makes them safer even than regular pipes because you don't crush on the flat. Dyna should really try to widen theirs, and it would be perfect.
  13. yep it's true, sparks, and I'll have you know, samurai living in ancient New Zealand spoke the best English of them all, which probably explains why everyone in "The Last Samurai" speaks so well.
  14. whoah the Dane-meisterino, don't you owe me an email ? or maybe I owe you. Anyways, fave trick is FS 540's when I can land 'em straight, but the BS 360 just feels super cool when you don't quite land straight but maybe 45 degrees left to go, and you just cruise that extra angle out on the tail as you ride away. probably doesn't look real good, but it feels cool because you are essentially just hanging on blind.
  15. 47's park was the best one I have ever hit. I agree with enderz'z azzezzment. pow run to park keeps you nice and warm, and keeps the terrain fun and variable. Yanaba was pretty good, but they really didn't take good care of the jumps, so I never trusted the big stuff there. And sorry, Fatts, I felt the same way about Dyna/Takasu's park - too icey when we were there, and in general, not well-maintained enough. Plus that superpipe had almost no transitions, just looked like 2 walls with a flat in-between, much more a skier's pipe I would guess ? ?
  16. Yeah, last year's "afterbang" was by far the best I have seen. RobotFood's new one "lame" is out now, but I haven't seen it yet. The best new vids for this year are rumoured to be the aforementioned "lame" and Kingpin Productions' "Back in Black" - neither of which I have seen.
  17. I generally don't use a Visa, I find MasterCard to be much more conbini.
  18. aww come on Sparks, no cred lost, everyone who has studied history knows that all the Samurai spoke excellent English. yep all of them. yep excellent.
  19. hard not to get the "you look kinda Canadian" comments when you look like this. . .
  20. I've heard Whistler sucks, because Intercorp owns just about everything and they have you by the balls and they know it. but that could be dead wrong.
  21. Oh yeah Ocean, the straight guy's girlfriends just looove it, that is I'm sure, until her man starts taking longer to get ready than she does, and starts asking if his pants make his ass look big. That's one case. The other being that the guy keeps up this image half-assedly for 3 months, until that expensive, yet somehow shoddily made and quick to go out of fashion wardrobe wears out, then it's back to reality.
  22. Yeah, it helps. Even if you don't have anything strapped to your feet. It is all about visualizing a trick or a jump or whatever. And then simulating that mental process as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. Those freestyle skiers train almost exclusively on trampolines in the summer, or so I hear, lots of pro snowboarders do as well. My folks have a trampoline at their house, and I had alot of fun recently trying various flips and spins on it. I was able to put into practice alot of the body mechanics that I had only previously visualized, and it felt great. I thi
  23. yeah this has been one of the more irritating things to pop up recently. One of the things I liked about living in Japan, is I never had to hear about these phony media constructed groups of people. I'm sure Japan has them, I just don't understand the language well enough. The word "metrosexual" comes to us courtesy of British author Mark Simpson. It is purely ridiculous, as dressing well, etc. does not, a new form of sexuality, give rise to, even if you are in love with yourself. The term/concept has been heavily adapted by the media, in an effort to sell expensive clothing, accessor
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