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  1. I sent 3 or 4 (don't remember) big boxes home by post (sea) for 27000 yen. They smelt kinda funky upon arrival, but nothing a wash didn't sort out. yaseee!
  2. back on this, eh. . . Ocean, please explain to me how you can call yourself "pro-choice" and still argue against the right of rape victims to choose abortions. Small percentage it may be, but it does happen. Surely you don't think these women choose to be raped. Speaking of politicians on the weird side of issues. I never get how Right-wingers can 1) Argue against a woman's right to abort her pregnancy, 2) Argue against a terminally-ill patient's right to end their own life, 3) Argue in favor of the state's right to kill it's prisoners. You must give unwanted life
  3. Well I never went to the doctor, but after riding the crazy powdered steeps for 2 days at Big Sky Montana, my knee feels almost 100%. It was really weird. I mean that mountain will turn the thinks-he-or-she-knows-it-all-expert-rider into either 1) a cowering-three-month-old-baby-girl-kitten or 2) a piece-of-steel-with-a-side-of-nails-on-steroids. I got lucky and reaped the benefits, so my legs are stronger, and my injury seems healed. Kinda reminds me of last season, when every fall would either severely aggravate or correct my whiplash. I am sure I will pay for both the
  4. Oh and I forgot to say thanks (again) I love those vids, as they are just about the only ones I have right now. Going to try to make more this weekend on my trip to MONTANA (Big Sky, Montana is really big and steep).
  5. Got myne up, Fattwins, what software did you use to edit these vids anyways ???
  6. 2400.4 on the strongest version, and judging by the nose dive, I think that was the limit, but the OGriginal version is the best.
  7. I just busted my knee, but I don't want to go to the doctor to see what is wrong. I just don't want to hear him say, "lay off the knee for 6 weeks" or whatever. I'll be really happy when science comes up with hydraulic, ball and socket knee joints with all of the ligaments and tendons to match.
  8. also seems to have something to do with Explorer vs. Other browsers. I can't pull the .wmv files up with Netscape, but I can with Explorer.
  9. yes aki, you got it right the first time. Some people also use the words "apprentice" or "understudy"
  10. s'good, while in Japan, I never bought it persay, but it was always a welcome amenity at the local kaiten sushi (zushi?)
  11. I disagree with you jared, jumping is jumping, jibbing is jibbing. I could use a thousand references showing people "jibbing" on rails, boxes, lips, and other structures, and people "jumping" from jumps. And I think I'd be hard pressed to find a shot of someone jibbing off a cheese wedge, but I have a feeling that doesn't change your mind. Why is it that you think jibbing = jumping? And hucking ? ? That's a completely different body motion - when you huck, you are throwing yourself off of something. It get's complicated because you can jump/huck to a jib, or go fro
  12. I realized something about powder the other day. You are actually floating when on it, it is not just an expression. Most snow is 90% air. As a guess, virgin powder has got to be like 92-93% air. When riding it, you never really reach hit hard ground. So yer basically riding on air, with just enough solid there to keep you from sinking. Imagine water skiing, and then imagine water skiing on a surface of 16 parts air, 1 part water - basically a cloud. This may have seemed obvious to some, but I just kindov got it in this way the other day. . . Not that I've been riding an
  13. your board also might be too short. what size is the board, how much do you weigh and how tall are you ?
  14. a banana plant is not actually a tree, but a herbacious plant. pineapples are epiphytes, or air plants - they don't require soil, and can grow in all sorts of places. Other examples include orchids and Spanish moss. I myself have seen parasitic orchids growing on the bark of large trees. It was pretty cool considering the trees were Mango, and the orchids were flowering.
  15. I taught kids for a while while in Japan, and from what I was able to see & discern talkin' to JET's, I think the younger kids had it really good. Good teachers and an overall good system that allowed them to be overall happy, well-adjusted kids. 1st and 2nd Junior high-school kids really impressed me, very interested in learning, and very creative. From 3rd year JHS (If I had Japanese kids, I'd take 'em out at this point) all the way through high-school everything went to hell. Just total apathy, and every ounce of creativity shredded to pieces. I couldn't get them interested in any
  16. Been out 11 days so far. I'm going for 50 this year, but will probably get only 40. I'm just not that motivated this year.
  17. I'd a taken her for half of what she's worth. . . I mean, hey, just tell the judge "I became accustomed to that lifestyle, what with the beach houses, travel, limos, and the like"
  18. yeah, I can't do it, but I know how. . . Think of the motion of this kind of a jump as someone tossing an egg straight in the air. At it's apex, it hangs for a moment longer than it should. Then think of your regular jump as someone throwing an egg in an arc shaped motion, the momentum is much more horizontal. You want the hanging egg. So you need to go off a super steep jump number one. 40 degrees or greater. You want to plane your body out on the way up, but keep your head upright, spotting your landing the whole time. When you approach the apex of your jump, you will be essen
  19. I don't know where you get the 2 to 3 seasons thing deebs. I think you could pick up skiing in half a season (20 days) to the point where you could do it proficiently. People seem to have this misrepresentation about the difficulty level of skiing. I think it's a carry over from the days where slalom and moguls on skinny skiis were king. Maybe 20 years ago, skiing took a long time to learn, but these days with the equipment that is available, an athlete can pick it up rather quickly. Turning on those fat skis was soooo easy - I was going down moguls, albeit not with much flair in the s
  20. Saw Return of the King tonight. Excellent movie, but not as good as the Two Towers. Too much self-congratulating and winking at the audience to really be taken too seriously. There were some amazing battle sequences that are just amazing in scope and point-of-view, just crazy "which way is the camera pointing, and what direction is it moving?" kind of stuff that was better than anything in the Two Towers, or just about anything else I've seen for that matter, excluding snowboarding vids of course. But the Two Towers just had more tension, and moved along at a swifter pace, whereas this mov
  21. nah sbf, I don't have anything against Aussies, or anyone inherently for that matter. The reason I seem to get on Aussies cases for being Aussies, is because it's from Aussies that I hear the most baggin' on other people for being whatever or from wherever. Why do so many Aussies hold poor opinions of people in other countries ? Almost everytime I met an Australian while in Japan, and told him/her that I lived in America before going to Japan, I would get a cold to lukewarm reaction. Getting judged without even knowing who I am, only where I was last living - what's the deal with that ? M
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