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  1. The continuous spin thing on the C-box was top-caliber. I've never seen anyone, live or video do that before.
  2. I've been a vegetarian for 11 years now. Started when I gradumated high school. Before I went to Japan, I had been veg for 9, vegan for 7, but I knew there was no way I could manage once I got there, so I gave in on fish and eggs, and that was fine, really, there is fish, or fish sauce in just about everything, so I figured "might as well enjoy it." Granted I knew that there was meat bits or meat stock in almost everything as well (karee raisu, raamen), but I chose to play dumb on those items. All in all, with this laid back chuto hampa veggie attitude, I got along just fine.
  3. I hate to admit it, but I am a spitter. . . of the first order. I agree it's a super nasty and unattractive habit, but I can't seem to stop it. So if anyone has any good ways of breaking habits lemme know. That said, when your playing sports, spitting seems pretty natural. You get that nasty film that builds up in your mouth, and you also often get some grease from your lungs and throat that comes from breathing hard. All you non-spitters, what the hell do you do with that phlegm when you are playing sports?
  4. Okay, I know this has been done before, but I can't find it, and it was a long time ago, anyway, so here goes... What things/products from your home country do you wish you could find in Japan? I could never find Salsa, and almost could never find peanut butter. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale would have been nice as well.
  5. You can ride/ski lift accessed terrain 363 days a year at Mt. Hood in Oregon - it's a glacier.
  6. 33 days this year for me. Only half of last year's total of 66.
  7. bobby12, There is no law against showing graphic images of mutilated dead bodies. As NoFakie and Ocean wrote, some examples - Udey and Qusey (all major networks), helicopter pilots in Mogadishu (CNN). I've seen plenty of footage of mutilated dead with regards to Vietnam, and Rwanda. From what I have read about this case, the media received no pressure from the Pentagon, they just decided that the people didn't wan't/need/whatever to see the footage.
  8. LaCrosse, eh cheeseRipper - maybe you know the Pirnstills?, I mostly rode at Hakuba 47/Goryu, and Nozawa. That rail looks nice and horizontally long in the picture, but when you are approaching it, it just looks like you are about to ride straight up a wall. Damn thing kicked me off the top every time I got halfway - tough to switch all of that momentum half-way.
  9. This was the highlight of my trip to Breckenridge. Well this and visiting Zwelgen. The rails over here are getting big (Yeah, I made it off!!). But I do actually miss that powder. Season is over here in the US. There are a few more runs to be scratched out by die-hard locals, but if I was in Japan, I'd still have 2 more months. Killin' me.
  10. Yeah, beer, you know, that "aaaaahhhhh" kindof feeling.
  11. So I had a great idea, but I didn't know what to call it. I will be coming to Japan soon as a tourist - hooray! And like many of you, those J-English T-shirts with messed up spellings or meanings always kill me. So I thought about making my own t-shirts, with messed-up Japanese on them, so I could really stick out as a tourist in Japan. You know stuff like: 私はカナダ人間といっらしゃいますが。。。 悪魔でゴザイマス ! or 胸を見して頂くわけにはいかないだろうかなあ? But what should I call this new style of 間違った日本語? Nipongo? Enlandanese Jinglish? What? Any good T-shirt Ideas ?
  12. Ahh, go on and watch 'em. They are just movies, really. Anyone who thinks they are any more than just movies, probably shouldn't be watching movies. Anyways, yeah the first one is by far the best, the second one only has eye candy value, and nothing really happens, as far as the story goes. But I actually enjoyed the third one. Alot of those reviews that you read about 2 and 3 were probably American reviews. The US critics didn't like 2 and 3, but from what I've read, the rest of the world did, so there yah go.
  13. I was raised Catholic, and dragged to church every week. Nowadays, the majority of the time, I side against religious thinkers, but a small part of me can't discount the faith entirely. I guess on some level I have been brainwashed, but I am cool with it. I think that alot of the Christian symbolism is interesting. But as a scientist, I would never use "Well the Bible says. . ." as support for anything other than anthropological evidence for behavior.
  14. yer not turning into a grumpy crotechety old codg, are yah? "These damn kids today with their potato chip bags, and their noisy cafeterias. . ." My suggestion is to try to do things that you liked to do when you were younger, in order to try to get back some of those I-don't-give-a-f#$k feelings.
  15. Why is it that hot food, and cold drinks produce the same kind of relaxing, satisfying sensation to your brain?
  16. Definately worth your time. These guys have been stupid for a real long time, and have perfected the art, really. Plus, most of them are skateboarders, and skateboarding is cool.
  17. I'm sure it was for the trilogy. The winners certainly were accepting their awards for the trilogy. Kept waxing patriotic about the 7 years, and all the people who helped them along on their long journey, etc. etc. The movie was good, but number 2 was far better.
  18. you should go to Nagano City. Hairdressing seemed like the towns major industry.
  19. We have silken tofu in either soft, firm, or extra firm varieties, fried tofu, hard tofu marinated in a variety of sauces (teriyaki ginger, italian, mexican), tofutti (ice cream substitute), tofutti cuties (ice cream sando knockoff), tofu dogs (hot dog substitute), age tofu, tofu milk, and tofu burgers, along with about 5 other products I am forgetting. All of these are readily available at just about any supermarket. With the diets that incorporate high protein, and/or soy being so popular here in the US right now, tofu is very popular. My favorite tofu recipe is a tofu smoothie.
  20. I read Shaun makes a million US a year through his contract with Burton, plus all of his other endorsements, not to mention cash from contests, almost all of which he wins. Then again, Danny Kass owns Grenade Gloves, which is probably the most popular glove company amongst the park rats here in the States. Peter Line is loaded. Some of the other Forum guys have some money, houses, cars, but that company is not doing anywhere near as well as it used to be. But I would imagine that the top skiers make alot more than the top boarders, just because the market for their sponsors
  21. I get that alot db, my whiplash last season would knock itself in and out with each successive nasty crash. Same thing with the head, if I hit my head only once during a day, it hurts for a while, but if I hit multiple times, no problem. Same thing happened this year with my knee. Tweaked it out with one nasty fall, but some nasty cliff drops in Montana straightened it right out. Screw the P.T's
  22. You guys, sheesh, this whole racism thing is a complicated situation, with many factors, and you shouldn't pass judgement, since you can't possibly understand all of those factors involved. I never really got discriminated against in Japan in any big way. People were not overly friendly in Nagano however, and people explained it to me as Nagano is a mountain town, so just as that geographical barrier exists, people put up their own personal barriers moreso than people in other parts of Japan. I suspect you might have heard the same silly explanation in Misawa there, Pluck. I was
  23. Ocean, you should check out Skipping Towards Gomorrah by Dan Savage http://www.skippingtowardsgomorrah.com/ I doubt you'd agree with it, but funny stuff. I definately agree with Savage's point that all these Con's do is whine about the fate of American society, say how it is going down the toilet, using that to qualify their own agenda, but then at the end of their mash, declare American society to be the best in the world's history in a patriotic rant. Want their cake and want to eat it, too.
  24. It's a difficult situation, and we can't make any judgements or pretend to know the answers without knowing all of the factors involved. That's my stock answer to everything from now on. Anyways, Late, but I think you should just stop calling yourself pro-choice Osh, since you are opposed to abortion 'cept for self-defense. In some cases, choice just isn't a factor. Just semantics really anyway. As for the partial-birth abortion issue. Makes me mad. . . not the procedure itself, however nasty, just that people (at least in the US) try to outlaw it across the board. Th
  25. Wow, I just finished this game, and it was really great, best online game I have ever played. I can't believe that I just found it now. Anyways, if you like brain teasers (which I really do) you'll need about 4.5 hours to get through it all http://www.albartus.com/motas/ Good luck!
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