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  1. Helmets are so steezy these days, you'd have to be unsteezy NOT to wear one. \:D


    Me, I have to use my head for my job, so if I lose brain function by concussing myself, it'll really put the kaibosh on my career, social life, etc.


    I've cracked my head on ice enough times to know I wouldn't want to do it without a helmet. Plus the one time I did hit a tree wasn't due to my (lack of skillz), I got cut off by another skier. There are just too many unknown variables out there on the mountain.

  2. Heya, I'm coming to Hakuba in a week and really pretty happy about that.


    I haven't been on these forums for a whilez but I used to be on all the time and even had a couple of vids and features and stuff.


    I'll be staying with Fattwins for a month Dec 19th - Jan 15th or so, and so would be cool too meet up with some Naganites, go riding, and shoot some video.


    Hope to meet up with some of y'allz.

  3. Yakamashi,


    The kampo book I have mentions plenty about headaches, but nothing specifically about migraines. I can give you the headache info if you email me. If you go to a doctor who specializes in kampo (I know a few now), that`s yer best bet. It should be covered by insurance. Kampo (medicate per diagnosis) is different than the American approach to herbs (medicate per disease), which is what I am used to. Kampo/trad. Chinese diagnosis is and will always be a mystery to me, but you should at least give it a try if nothing else has worked for you.


    I don`t know enough about accupuncture to say anything one way or the other, `cept that it works well for some people, and doesn`t work well for others. I always thought that it worked better for acute illnesses/conditions than for the chronic (I wouldn`t recommend treating high-blood pressure with accupuncture), but I also know that accupuncture has helped many people with headaches, and it is covered under some insurance plans here.


    The favored western medicine is Imitrex. It`s relatively new, and alot of people report favorable results. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive. Again, I can get you clinical info if you email me. The drug is called イミグランhere. The dose is 50 mg, which is the same as in the western world (alot of drugs here are much lower in strength then in the west).


    Above all with herbs/kampo, etc. Don`t make the mistake assuming natural = safe for self-treatment, etc. The deadliest poisons are found in nature, and 30-35% of drugs are simply plant extracts. However, unlike Imitrex, most kampo can be bought OTC, once you have an understanding of what works for you, and in what dosages.


    Hope that helps. . . I go back in 10 days.

  4. Hi SJ`ers. . .


    I`m in Tokyo for a few more weeks, and was hoping to hook up with some people on the forum for a night out.


    I`m here on an internship, but the nights can be dull when you don`t know many people in town.





  5. Before I know it, I'm less than a week away from leaving for my 2 week long sightseeing trip to Japan, Hooray!!! clap.gif


    I will be Arriving in Tokyo July 22, and venturing around as much as possible with my JR pass (I hope I can make it to Niigata).


    Any of you Tokyo folks want to hang out July 22nd/23rd ? Send me a private if you do.


    And if anyone can recommend anything cool to check out as far as sightseeing goes, please let me know what I should go see. Sightseeing was never my forte.

  6. gotta disagree with you on both counts, sunrise. . . every woman who I have overheard talking about sex seems to revel getting into the most minute of details, except when talking about their own parts -

    which leads me to ask, what do women call their piece? - I have never gotten a satisfactory answer when I asked this question.


    I also believe that no foreskin = reduced sensation. For anyone who wants to test the hypothesis, just walk around retracted for a week, and see if you notice a difference. a little chafing goes a long way.


    Back on the topic, although I am not Jewish, I currently live in a Jewish Co-operative house, and it's pretty interesting, I've learned alot. We keep kosher, do the shabbat (ritualistic dinner and prayer) every Friday, but that's about it. The most interesting thing about Jewish culture that I have seen, is that all of the Jews that I live with claim to be non-religious, but more social, or cultural Jews. In Israel, this would classify them as non-Jews, but not so in the US. They also stick together, moreso than any other group I have seen. They don't make an effort exclude other people, but they make damn sure to know everyone in their own community. Kinda like the Japanese I have met here in town.

  7. Someone's gotta explain this whole "Islamic insugency" thing to me, I lack any context at all.


    My gut feeling these days, is that even when Bushy and his gang lose the November election, they still will have won, as they have made all of their buddys rich while promoting their twisted neocon agenda to the point where it has become the agenda of the vast majority of Republicans.


    But I guess their is still hope for the Republican party. That guy that everyone thought would fail, Mr. Ahnold Shwarzenegger, is actually kicking ass in California, as he has balanced the budget, is proected to come up with a solution to the state's energy woes, and has gained support of many of California's Democratic, and Independant voters. Bush was a straight C student who went on to bankrupt almost every company he worked with. We in America need more success stories working in public office.

  8. http://client.henninger.com:80/pickup/arlingtonsecured/disco_disco1/NOW_benRok.mpg


    here is my cheezy ShiEmu. . . I guess it will play for a month.


    I mentioned snowjapan.com 3 or 4 times throughout my 3 hours of talking in soundbites, but I guess it didn't make the cut.


    Overall, the whole experience was pretty fun. Cheezy fun, anyway. Happy to get on a cool network.

  9.  Quote:
    Originally posted by guzzlers-baps:
    Can someone explain to me the reasons why someone would choose to eat fish but not chicken or red meat? (unless its just a flavor thing).
    Here are a few reasons. . .

    1) Fish meat is healthier, cleaner, and easier to digest than chicken, beef, or pork.

    2) Fish generally live free in their natural environment, whereas chickens live in deplorable conditions, and are treated inhumanely - they have their beaks and wings clipped and are often pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Cows are likewise pumped full or hormones and antibiotics.
    Pigs live in the worst conditions of all - kept in wire cages stacked to the ceiling.

    3) Religious reasons. . .
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