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  1. Hanging out in Sirahama beach, Shimoda for Surf,1 full-time work & 1 or 2 Part-time work(s) for winter.
  2. ...well, I heard from my snowboader friend who will volunteer "Core X-game" in Ishiuchi. I can ask him again about skiers issue if you want...but it is quite weird not ad or info. either on website or magazines. website (http://www.x-sports.co.jp/) was avaiable before but I cannot open for some reason... I heard there are snowmobil performance but I haven't heard skiers issue yet.... But I am sure snow skiboard people will be.. [This message has been edited by Nat (edited 05 March 2002).]
  3. Hey Mogski, this is full details what I know now.... CoreXtream Winter Games 2002 Date: 29 Mar 2002 - 31 Mar 2002 Place: Ishiuchi Maruyama Course design: PLANET SNOW DESIGN (the company which designed pipe for Saltlake Olympic) Invited pro-riders: (from Allence) Imgemar Backman, John Summers, Todd Shulosser, Sebu Sulberg, Kale Stephens (from Lib Tech) Jamie Lynn, Chris Brown, Jusie Burtner, Alister Schults (from Rossinol) DORIANE VIDAL( Girl-Silver medalist in Saltlake 2002) (Girls boarders) Shannon Dunn, Tina Basich, Lesley Olson etc.
  4. Ah... danz.... If you go to slopes which closed for a season.... A) No Mt. Patrol = great time for back country No one goes = Good snow C) If local people find you, either Policeman or Layer will come and see you for some reason.... No?
  5. Am in opposite sidefrom Mogski. I haven't been South Is. & a house in NI. Mt. Whakapapa & Mt. Turoa( I think now both resorts combined & calls "Mt. Ruapehu" ) is in middle of North Is. I felt ... the slopes are slightly icy...(compared snow in Japan) but nice park, and nice resort, I think. Auckland to Whakapapa is about 4 hours+, I don't know how long it will take from Wellington, but I assume it takes almost same. I might try to visit South Is. this summer(in NH) if I can take holiday. Maybe c you in NZ.
  6. Yuzawa on Sunday.... for exercising a little bit... Not too much. Maybe I gonna skiing...well no... snowboarding probably
  7. I heard Senhata skijo in Akita(Owned by Price, I think) might close from next season (by my cousin who live in 5 min away from Senhata skijo) 'cos Local government gave up to give some money to keep running slopes. Senhata is not that bad slope considering one of Local slope in countryside in Akita. And snow is not that bad either. Next from Senhata, is Odai skijo. it has many local snowboard-kids, and skijo allow kids to bring 'Rails' from somewhere.(I don't where they get the rail from...) So many kids making OWN park on the slopes, I was so shocked about making OWN PARK on the slope on
  8. Hey,mate. What's wrong with that!? I watched figuar skate pair, Russian pair's performance was great but I really believe that Canadian pair's performance was much better than Russian pair. I am so glad IOC decided to give/share Gold Medal. BTW, what's going on for Canadian Ice Hockey team??? Canada lost a game!? I cannot believe this! Garrr!!
  9. Ocean11 - I think bears are enployed by Takaragawa Onsen. Good things about Takaragawa Onsen For both Gender - Pretty close to Tenjindaira. Also Onsens are Beautiful river side outdoor Onsen. Mixed Onsen. You can meet 4 bears. Bad things about Takaragawa Onsen. For girl - Takaragawa Onsen does not allow to wear Swimming suite.... They allow gals to wear big towel however wet-towel shows your bodyline! For both gender - winter season.... slightly cold...
  10. Yuki - Am in Tokyo telly - ....why you guys talking about me on the chatroom!? (...a bit freaky...someone talking about me even I cannot guess what/who talkig about me...) Someone who talk about me with telly - OK! WHO ARE YOU? Do you really remember my face? I am not that attractive looking ( I think) And if I am attractive looking " WHY NOONE WANT TO SHARE "DOUBLE LIFT/ROMANCE LIFT" with me!! Anyway thanks for telling telly that I am "saucy" belle- I wanna go drink out with you(arr... I wanna c your Kagura pictures!) mogski, a poet & skier - thank
  11. telly- Who did tell you I am "quite a saucy one"? Someone called me "Petite boarder" or "Sake-holic (I am not really Alcoholic!!) " or something like that but I have never heard that people.
  12. mogski - I AM A GIRL!!! I AM A FEMALE SNOWBOARDER!! How can you get impression I am a BOY? Your message really hurt my heart (Belle- thanks a mil. for tell' the truth to Mr. mogski.) I am always on Mountain(somewhere) on weekend. Pls give me shout, I will show up for you. I assume my real-face is slightly better looking that photo.
  13. Kuma, Emi & me saw bear in Kagura,Mitsumata & Tashiro. (well, Kuma doesn't believe that is "KUMA(BEAR)" but It was bear.) And Kuma & me saw Japanese Cerows or Caribou or something like that kind of animals in Gala Yuzawa last week. You can meet many bears in several places! And also If you go to Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma, you can go to Onsen with Bears. (4 bears live in Takaragawa Onsen.
  14. Well... Olympic Snowboard = CHO TSUMARANAI. However maybe I gonna watch 'Halfpipe' BUT definitely I gonna watch Ice hockey. ( Canada! Canada! Canada!! Woo Hoo!! ) BTW...where can I watch Ice Hockey games in Tokyo aside from Sports bar in Roppongi. Shibuya's sports cafe shows Olympic games? Any idea? Am sure NHK -Hifi & BS show only Japanese Games or final(How great!)... so I want to know... I was in Nagano last time, so I hav no idea where I can watch it in Tokyo.help! [This message has been edited by Nat (edited 04 February 2002).]
  15. Haku - I just received similar message (as your post) from friends' friend, couple of minites ago.... Arai = have to be on the course??? (well, people should be on slope but....) Am going this weekend....
  16. Am sorry for riding out of Barrier on the mountain. (But I don't know where can get permission for riding.) Am sorry for ignoring Mt. Patrol who screaming to me "DAME! DAME!" (If I stop for Patrol guy, I will stuck in powder ... I need to keep "speed".) Am sorry, Mt. Patrol for always pretending "I cannot understand Japanese" even I DO understand Japanese. (But this is easiest way to escape from troubles.) I know it is terrible thing to do...But there is great powder snow....Why not... [This message has been edited by Nat (edited 28 January 2002).]
  17. I think not that many Japanese people love "Snickers" or "Time Out" or thing like that. I have not seem any japanese dudes love Snickers v. much....(many japanese pals do not like Snickers...'cos sticky they said. ) Also I have not seem any vending machines for snack in Japan except Hotels or Cinema or same big hall as well... Generally Japanese people are not really addicted to sweets I guess.
  18. Ronie - Your view of Naeba = correct but sounds really "......" Kuma - Thanx 4 offering "seat". As long as you are NOT speaking your mother language, we can make a conversation, I guess. belle- come out 2 Kagura this sunday & Hakuba aft Shin Akakura!! we will b there! am sure we will hav other ramdom games & drinking session w many people... Anyway, I will be either Naeba, Tashiro, Kagura or Mitsumata this weekend! Finger cross 4 finding real 'romance lift'!! [This message has been edited by Nat (edited 24 January 2002).]
  19. belle, - excuse me... who hav 'Poor social skill'? Who started 2 play ' Randam table tennis ' & 'pictionary' with Japanese strangers?? Anyway, I hav an asian face & my height = average Japanese height&speak Japanese(belle-you know what i look like) but I hav same problem. No one share the liftchair, e.g. ROMANCE LIFT, with me apart from friends. Even I was in Naeba (Where is quite famous resort 4 finding new girlfriend/boyfriend),no one share the lift with me! Because of maybe I speak English, or I am too 'GENKI' or WHAT!? well, Let's greeting (in Jp.) to people
  20. Kagura/Tashiro area has Heli-Ski tour in April. (I forgot the date but I think sometime in Mid-April.) People gonna go up to Mt. Kagura (or somewhere near there) by Heli then ride to the bottom. But I remember that tour is SKIERS ONLY. NO snowboarders....
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