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  1. well.... Snowboard gears in Japan costs: Snowboard: 75000yen - 85000yen. (US$600-700) Boots: 30000yen -45000yen. (US$250-300) Binding: 30000yen -45000yen(US$250-300) Outwear(top): 45000yen - 60000yen (US$370-500) Outwear(bottom): 35000yen -50000yen.(US275-420) =The prices above are average price @ Sports shop in Tokyo.... .... I think it worth to buy your gear in OZ then ship to Japan...
  2. I am live in Aircom Kingdom at this moment too.... Due to air-pollution in Shibuya, I cannot open window.... (well, I can open it just I can not "fresh air") I use Air-con 24hrs. I am really scare to see my electricity bill for next couple months...
  3. Docomo phone.. Soooo many functions. Soooo many games. (But no digital photo anymore..... Damn it.)
  4. Okay This is the idea what people making as TOY. http://www.tsunokai.com/hgaf/fream/yosou.html
  5. I've heard that New 'Toy' for Skiers and snowboarders will open in Hakuba from 20 July until November. It calls 'Water Jump Hakuba Goryu' Check it out the webside (in Japanese) : http://www.tsunokai.com/hgaf/fream/fream.html
  6. Recently ISF (International Snowboarding Federation) has been bankrupted due to Motorola left from ISF. ...oh my goodness.
  7. Oh... Rach.... Well, Kobe to Tokyo only 3 hours!! Not that far!! (...just chotto expensiv.)
  8. Hi Belle! Genki? Mr. Teddy went back to Finland for 5days then came back to Japan. But he gonna go to Fin again for not only sunny weather but also cool air (!) and Sauna (!!), then come back to humid Japan again in August I think. Am going for Saturday afternoon session ( I hate to wake up early morning in summer, I can do only in winter...)with emi and kuma and my friends from Europe. My friends and I gonna meet up in Tokyo sta. around 1.00pm then haveing lovely lunch then head down to SSAWS. It might be fun to get together again. Nat
  9. Hey, am going to SSAWS next Saturday (20 July) with friends! Anyone interest to join us?
  10. Okay -- I got Docomo Yesterday.... F504i!!! Woo hoo
  11. AU -- I cannot get reception in my house... (Even I live in Shibuya... I cannot get it, why!?) Docomo -- I heard short-mail is pretty expensive to use... I am heavy short-mail user... J-Phone -- I get weird phone call everywhere to my j-phone... Which Company I should go for!?
  12. Which Keitai do you use? I using J-phone now but I've got too many Junk call & telephone call from weird people (!) so I am concerning to change. Personally I like J-phone but a bit useless on the slopes... so I just wondered...
  13. Snow upthere is ... slightly heavy, but .... Nyuto-Onsen Ski-jo (Top part of Tazawako Ski-jo) has good snow, But slopes itself are really short, kind of boring staff. Or... In the Tazawako Ski-jo - "Champione course (or something like that name) you can take powder. That's it.
  14. France out.... Je ne sais pas quoi dire
  15. Barok - where you will be? Tokyo or Nagano or where?
  16. Dream : The Vail, Colorado (Out side Japan is okay? or not... ) Reality: Kagura/Mitsumata/Tashiro P.S. Dream in Japan: Niseko [This message has been edited by Nat (edited 11 June 2002).]
  17. Dear All (who are missing white stuff already): As many of you know, SSAWS in CHIBA close down in the end of September.(Pretty shame!) -> See the article http://www.skijapanguide.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/001198.html One day, a SJG reader and also the girl who I hang out on the slopes last season, sent me an E-mail said, "I may go to SSAWS sometime this summer before it closes down... (I'm missing the white stuff already, so)" Then I’ve got some funny idea. Perhaps, some SJG readers, who start to miss "White Stuff", can gather in SSAWS (maybe on Saturday) to have "Summ
  18. According to Japanese news, JAWOC start to sell extra tickets for worldcup from this afternoon,right? Do you know any more information? I cannot open JAWOC website!
  19. My Japanese grandmother is in Akita, I visit Akita every winter. (...for snow & free place to stay.)
  20. England gooooooaaaaallllllllll!!
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