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  1. What's that smell? Did someone fart? No, it must be the frozen snags that thawed durin' summer. I guess Dirk Diggler's got all the freestyle frozen snags he needs for life's simple pleasures up there in shit cold Hokkaido. Snap your arm did ya? Or was that a snapped snag?! Just remeber that **** would never have chucked up on a bike (am I lexdyscic?)! The Dalai's off to Nepal for 4 weeks to find the path of Buddha the leads to nirvana (but maybe the simple way would be to follow my nose to the place from where the stench of teen spirit is wafting). I'll send you a smoke signal from K2.
  2. Brock Landers

    mexican game

    poor old IVO, all e waynts iz de rulez to da mehxcikan game, knot two hier hoyw gouud it iz. suumbody tehll im de rulez!!! ------------------ Long & Strong.
  3. Yeah peaker. just returned from a two day photo shoot you would have been proud of. hows things in tha northern reaches? nice work obtaining the unatainable- keep up the good work ol' son- Dirk 'Dalai" Diggler would b proud, believe me, i should know, i'm your alter ego. oh, by tha way, do you have Mavericks & Ice's butt, bcos i know you want butts and i know you want em NOW! permission for fly-by granted. got some photos comin your way, sorry i've been a total slaker, did hear about yar arm- you were goin down tha shop for some milk weren't ya? shouldn't flip tha bird to an inverted bogey should ya??? ha? oh but ya get big butts on tha job, don't ya? later, skater ------------------ Long & Strong.


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