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  1. Somewhat excessive considering it's more like 7 tracks and an instrumental! And if I remember when it was released there had already been 3 singles off it. Seemed stingy at the time. It is a great album though still.
  2. Cheers guys and good luck moving forward. Beady eye kept on! This can perhaps act as my own incentive to reclaim some of my own time, something I have been meaning to do.
  3. Phew and hmmm. Playing rubbish again the last couple of games. I think (I hope) it is because of our defence/injury crisis unbalancing us once again to cover for that.
  4. Hope you don't mind me asking but how are you choosing?
  5. That was quite disappointing! Wonder how Pool will line up for the game at the weekend......
  6. Exactly! Last year it was all soul-destroyingly banal on a hopeless never ending downward spiral. Now if we can just get to actually winning some.
  7. Anyone watching the team play though will quite clearly see why Moyes was on sack watch while van Gaal is not.
  8. What a berk. Or is that burk. We may not be in a particularly good position etc (!) but there are good signs of progress. I am confident we'll end up in a decent position. Especially if we can get a defence and stop having half our players injured.
  9. Well we all know how excellent and modern Japanese housing is already.
  10. They didn't really do the right thing with their....momentum, did they!
  11. My Mum makes a spectacular thick soup with loads of lentils, peas, beans and 'other stuff' in. Haven't had any of that in a few years.
  12. Absolute disaster for those guys. Got to feel for them. Well, the ones who didn't screw things up.
  13. I just like smaller more compact chassis.
  14. Was it fun? Not felt the need to go myself.
  15. I missed it all, I see they lost. Sounds like the proper city of old that.
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