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  1. I didn't make it at the end there, but heard there were quite a lot of people around. Strange season of course with everything that happened. Onto summer!
  2. Still a fair bit I think. I will be going this weekend for some relaxation and a reminder of fun times!
  3. I was in Yamagata city last night and rudely woken up by that. Rude at the very least.
  4. More than 100 South Korean schools have cancelled or shortened classes over fears that rain falling across the country may show traces of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The Education Office of Gyeonggi province said it allowed schools to decide whether to open on Thursday. The prime minister's office said radiation levels in the rain were low and posed no health threat. But officials said that 126 schools in Gyeonggi province near Seoul closed, and 43 others shortened class hours as a precaution.
  5. Good news. I think there was a lot of pressure and politics going on with this - lots of Zao people wanted to get things open again but there was a balance to get with there being lots of people here from affected areas. And the skijo characteristically slow to make decisions etc. Anyway good to hear and I'll definitely get up there.
  6. I'm in Tokyo but can't get through to anyone in Yamagata or Zao. News did say that most electricity out in Yamagata.
  7. Sorted now, at last. That wasn't fun I tell ya!
  8. As I said in the original post if you read it Quote: Water supply non existant, iced up.
  9. I'm more concerned about the poo that's lingering in there now!
  10. Not feeling too well since yesterday and a bit of the runs, if you know what I mean. Toilet time this morning. Water supply non existant, iced up. Can't flush the toilet. It's not good! Why do these things happen at the worst possible moments!
  11. Good work ILoveZao. I hope to be up there next weekend for the first time this season.
  12. As people have said. I think you need to be unlucky to get a real problem going up there. As you might expect 8-10am on a Saturday you can expect it to be busy as people try to squeeze into the small village. Once I had a 1 hour wait about 500m from the village - people stuck on the icy road unable to start and causing blocks. It wasn't fun.
  13. You just need to be there for at least a few days. Chill out in onsen and just relax, a good place to do that. Watch out for the mad nightlife though
  14. I make the trip up there a few times. I like both places, probably Shizukuishi more. Let me know when you are there and perhaps we can meet up.
  15. I had a great day up there a few days back with the winter like conditions and decent snow. All in all, I'd say a good season.
  16. Hey I was just driving before and saw this dude riding his bike way above the speed limit of the road and then he went through red lights. Got me wondering, presume that they have to abide by the road rules, anyone ever hear of a cyclist being done for speeding or going through a red?
  17. I am simply hoping for "better than last year" as a good starting point.
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