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  1. How my dream of Ireland was deflated.


    --steep and deep powder snow destinations?

    --relatively warm surf points?

    --smoke-free restaurants and bars?

    --good Japanese or Korean food readily available?

    --left-hand drive cars?

    --deserts, forests, mountains, lakes for adventure, camping and/or family touring?

    --long hot dry summers tapering off into glorious autumn days with blazing fall colors?

    --family and friends nearby?



    In defense of the dream are quaint landscapes and towns, good beer, and proximity to the continent. But to live there? I couldn't do it. I feel cold, tired and depressed just thinking about it.



  2. Depends what you want them for.



    When all is said and done, I have to go with the bright yellow. It really sharpens up a messy day.



    As for bright sunlit conditions, people with really expensive sunglasses are forced to use those instead of goggles. Otherwise, any darker lens will do you fine.



    I believe the operative word is cheap and Brown. But you have to make sure to get the double-lensed ones, or they will fog up for sure.



  3. Would it be possible to train a sled dog team to act as chairlifts in the backcountry? For those too lazy to skin it up?


    In principle, I think dogs could understand the concept. It's really no different from their fetching a stick over and over again. It's just that you are the stick, and there are 10 dogs fetching you up a powder glade.



  4. What kind of dog, Telleboy?


    I used to have all my cats spayed. It was awful they way they sadly looked into my eyes as I brought them home from the vet.


    There was an animal rights vet in L.A. who used to do it for free. You just paid for medicine and medical supplies, that was it.



  5. Folks, what we need are new drugs, not the old ones from 100+ years ago.


    I'd settle for something as satisfying and addictive as Nacho Cheese Doritos or even White Castle Burgers.


    Trapped in the world of the known...I want to remember how much there is that I don't know that I don't know...the beauty is in the becoming.



  6. Earthquake or not, I'll be up there in Yuzawa following Mogs down hardscrabble cliff faces and jetting over yawning chasms.


    I'll be doing my part to support the local economy, especially by pouring hundreds and hundreds of yen into beer vending machines, then pouring the beer down my throat. And a lot of coffee and tonjiru too. And curry. And maybe, candy bars. And a flask!


    I expect huge dumps this year. Don't ask me why, I just have a feeling!


    Wife has zero interest in sitting around doing baby care at a ski resort, so I will be solo and free and easy!



  7. I wonder what it feels like to be stuck in a tree well (assuming you didn't bash your naked head on the bark, and just sort of ended up inverted and flailing).


    I once had a dream where I was stuck doubled over inside a concrete pipe, and couldn't get out! Horrible. I suppose being stuck in a tree well might be something like that.


    Or else maybe like being 3 years old in a big puffy snowsuit and falling into a drift and getting stuck.



  8. I don't know why they even bothered to report it. Everybody already knows the only people who do drugs are gaijin.


    Let me guess--they forgot to mention that psychedelic mushrooms were openly and legally sold in front of Shibuya Station and in shops all over Japan...until the darn things were suddenly declared illegal just before the 2002 World Cup.


    I guess the thought of foreign hooligans on mushrooms was enough to tip the balance.

  9. I guess my proposed sales brochure wording would have been rejected?


    "Acrobat locks up users' computers for 10-20 seconds while loading a cumbersome, awkward-to-view picture of documents where you have to counter-intuitively pull up to view down, thus streamlining the 'red rage-filled hatred of institutional software' process."


    Think about it...


    NORMAL: scroll down, view down

    ACROBAT: pull up, view down.


    Who is the idiot that perpetuates this annoyance, version after version.





  10. Whether in an office or on the Net, .pdf files are the most annoying thing ever. Not only do they take forever to open up even on the latest superfast PC, but once you open them, it's awkward to move around and view them.


    You can size the page to fit the window, in which case the text is too small to read, or you can zoom it to readable text, but then you can only view 1/2 of the page at a time. And half the on-screen real estate is taken up by the blank space at the bottom of the page, the empty space to show where one page stops and the other starts, and the blank space atop the next page. However I scroll around, I seem to spend most of my time trying to avoid a full screen showing only the gaps between pages. It's kind of like balancing a balloon on your nose. It takes a lot of adjusting.


    And the scrolling is different from normal scrolling. You can click the arrows to scroll up or down, but it moves really really slowly. Or you can "grab" and move up or down. Too much work for me. I hate .pdf files. You have to print them out to read and understand them effectively.


    I found some cheats online where you can speed up Acrobat Reader's loading time by removing a lot of the junk that is in its folder, but it isn't a perfect solution.


    The final insult, as giggsy mentioned, is that once you click on a .pdf file, you can't use your computer until the damn thing has finished loading. It's like going back to 1995 when every PC operation involved 30+ seconds of spinning hard drive and blank flashing screen while things got drawn and re-drawn and loaded.


    A real speed and productivity killer. Hurry up and wait.


    I hate .pdf files!



  11. Regarding gaijin who smell, it seems to be worse in some countries than in others. I didn't think anybody smelled in Michigan, but a recent European business trip reminded me that there are differing concepts about bathing and odors.


    What I really hate is when a really stinky J person gets on the train car, and people automatically assume it's me and start edging away... I sometimes switch train cars at the next station just to get out of this uncomfortable situation and to get away from the smell. There are some people who seem to have a serious B.O. problem. A co-worker told me these people lack an enzyme or something like that. Smells like an onion fry grill, really powerful and funky.



  12. During my alcoholic haze days in Walled Lake, Michigan I would have recourse to Bud or Bud Light when I wanted to slow things down after all the strong beer, wine and/or liquor.


    It was so watery and light, it seemed to rehydrate me and prep me for more drinking later on.


    Much like a professional tennis player sitting down for a short break when changing ends.



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