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  1. I wondered about this one, which was all over some Yamanote Line trains a few months back.


    It could be the usual Funny Engrish.


    Or it could be the result of some ad campaign by native speakers in their own country, tied to some television or movie spots as the latest ad-pushed catchphrase. A reversal of the "nothing is impossible" homily.


    Anyone in English-speaking countries know whether it is the real deal (English fractured by native speakers) or just a sad mistake?

  2. Yeah, I actually forget I'm wearing it. In the pics it looks heavy and bulky, but it's neither. Once you zip it on you forget about it until the part of any good day on the mountain when you know you are about to slam helplessly into something, possibly a very hard something, such as concrete ice, the edge of a pipe, or god forbid a tree. I wouldn't go in the pipe without it. I also wouldn't ride on an icy day without it.


    Not that I think I would end up in the hospital without it. In some sense and on some days it is overkill. I think in the 3 or so seasons I've used it, I only had one fall that without it would have probably resulted in a busted elbow (slamdown at speed on concrete ice at Alpine Valley, Michigan on a day when it started out around +5C, but ended with night skiing at -15C). It's more just that it makes most hard falls completely pain- and bruise-free.

  3. I've been wearing the Azonics Z-5 (now Z-6) for several years.









    It's a motocross back, shoulder and elbow/arm protector with a kidney belt. To me, it felt like total protection, and I've whacked trees, the side of pipes and slammed down on hard ice in it without pain.


    It's not heavy or restrictive, but if you don't dress puffy, then the shoulder protection might make you slightly resemble an American football player in pads.


    It can be had for about US$130 online in the US, I don't know about availability here. Better Google it.


    Mogski has the same Dianese shown in Toque's post, and he recommends it highly.

  4. All them canned coffees have a kind of roasted sweet sausage aftertaste. Why is that? What are they putting in there, some kind of vegetable oil instead of milk or something?


    Yuck. Better off carrying those little foil tubes of instant, then mixing your own Strong Brew with hot water and a bit of milk.


    Or just eating the instant coffee like candy.

  5. What a bum I am...I wasn't asking for a favor and look what I got!!


    Thanks, we'll give them a call and see if they have any specials.


    Also, I was looking at the wrong pricing chart. It's cheaper if you stay on a weeknight, and also cut out some of the extras that I don't think we need.


    In fact, we probably only need lodging and breakfast, as dinner and skiing will happen elsewhere.


    I'm also looking for help with my 2004 federal and state income tax returns, can I use your name with the IRS too?



  6. Your itchy skis have been infected with the "Sporea Yuzawa" virus.


    You will need to rub them with spring-conditions wax and insert a flask of Jaegermeister into your hip pocket, for judicious sipping on the lift (medicinal purposes only).


    After a few desperate, last-minute flareups, the itch should disappear in mid-March or early April.


    WARNING: Unless you plan that Utah trip, the itch may recur in late autumn!



  7. Any recommendations on a comfortable or charming hotel within easy driving distance of Kandatsu or Echigo Yuzawa Stn.?


    I'm going up there with my wife and 5-month-old baby. They will probably loll around the hotel/ryokan while Mogs and I attack the slopes.


    No longer is it the cheapest drinkingest accommodations available for just me and Mogs.


    My wife likes to be warm and comfy and be amply supplied with cakes, coffee and some flashing lights and shopping or delicious food (as opposed to production-line group resort hotel dorm style living/eating).


    Nice if there is a "family-buro" type onsen in it or near to it, so we can enjoy some family time.


    Maybe Mogs' wife and baby will join us nude in the family-buro!


    Recommendations, anyone?



  8. Sorry P'Jem, but there's probably a taxi driver forum with a thread 11,678 replies long where that driver just posted something like,


    "and sure enough, there was the Story...he FORGOT his money, and after his firm DIDN'T GIVE HIM ENOUGH to get home, this foreign person kept pressing me to give him a freebie...can you believe it? Do they think we are out here for the joy of driving strangers around town? There were plenty of empty seats in other cars on the road, why not ask THEM? I only give freebies if it's a hot gal or a blonde hostess..."




    Sorry you didn't tet all the way back. If it balances some of this for you, my most recent taxi adventure was a guy who voluntarily shut off the meter about 2km before our apartment, because he thought our baby was cute and seemed to think it was important for international friendliness, because of Lennon marrying Ono, and because we made him laugh.


    Hope you get this sweet gentleman next time, to restore your faith in the taxi business and humankind.

  9. It's Paul Rodgers from Bad Company. A very old dude. And a very different kind of voice.


    This could be like Tom Waits doing Journey.


    Or Lous Armstrong doing Aerosmith.


    I don't get it!


    Why would famous old rockers want to pack stadiums with throngs of screaming bald men and people whose sunglasses collections stopped with pink or yellow blades...why would they want to accept million-dollar checks for jamming with their friends like in the old days when they were the kings (or Queens) of the world...why would they want to get out of their quiet homes in their 50s, pick up a guitar and relive the rock star dream...


    When you're in your 50s and sitting quietly at home, and you get invited to do this, well...the sacred promise to Freddie must lose some of its power.



  10. I've been watching the cheap and maudlin television drama "Last Christmas" with Oda Yuji. Final episode coming up on Monday. Is anybody really surprised that the lady is going to die and leave him alone on Xmas? I expect to see another few shots of that one bulb on the tree that won't stay lit. (That's her!).


    "Last Christmas"...


    My wife said "Isn't great, he even made the song to go with it!"


    Actually, it's a 1984 song by WHAM, George Michaels' old group.


    Yes, I am feeling old.

  11. Mine is a tossup between tearing cartilage boarding the moguls at Naeba, or the fastest get-off I ever had--onto rocklike ice nonetheless--at Whistler last March. Whiplash like you wouldn't believe. MAN was I going fast!! The fastest I've ever gone on a board.


    Almost a year later I still get terrible neck aches and have popping in my vertabrae. A chiropractor helps, but I have to go every couple of months.




    With bum knees and a bad neck, I am not planning to be Dr. Danger on the slopes anymore.


    But then I get to the mountain, and forget about all that!!

  12. They were 45s...the first was either Barry Manilow's "Mandy", or Eric Wright's "Dream Weaver.


    Ocean, your the title of your first record album parallels the kind of play costume that I used to offer women on their first date back at my old Shibuya digs.


    It's all about putting the needle in the groove.



  13. I see the feelgood vibe here and wish I were sitting down having some beers with you guys!


    North American beers are often ridiculed, and for good reason. The mass-produced stuff is mostly diluted peewater. But it needs to be clarified that many foreigners ignorantly buy the wrong beers in the US. Put another way, foreigners don't know how to properly buy beer in the United States. There are jillions of delicious small-brand, local and micro-brewed beers all over the place. They're everywhere. When I go to a bar or liquor store, that's all I look at and all I drink. If you go to a bar and they only have Coors, Bud and Miller, then you went to the wrong bar. The only acceptable course of action at that point is to order a shot of your favorite poison, then walk out to a Proper drinking establishment.


    Great stuff! The hunt for favorite watering holes and yet another wholesome brew.


    But another part of me thinks about the people I know who were killed or mutilated thanks to drunk drivers.


    One guy standing on the sidewalk was cut in half as a drunk guy changing radio stations went just a couple meters off the road at low speed. By the time he figured out his mistake, his victim was severed in half at the waist, intestines spilling out onto the grass. According to witnesses, his top half fell down and apparently died within a few seconds, but the rest of him remained stuck to a concrete utility pole like squashed cockroach legs.


    Another guy I know got out to help a lady change a flat tire. A drunk driver saw their emergency flashers and thought that was where the road went. The woman was killed instantly, and the guy suffered a bad head injury with brain damage. The damage is, he has no short-term memory whatsoever. He can't make any new memories. You can go over to their house and he'll say hi and seem perfectly normal. Then if you go out of his field of vision, he completely forgets you're there. When he looks at you again, he lights up and says "Hi!" all over again. Part of his jaw had to be reconstructed using bones scraped from other parts of his body. Yes there are scars, and he often asks where they came from. After 15 years, he doesn't even know. He was going to be a pilot and was ready to head off to college, but obviously now still lives as an evergreen mental teenager with his Mom and Dad.


    I lived between two bars for a couple years. Every month there was a crash or accident on the street in front of the house. One night, it was my own sister who aimed the car wrong, took out the mailbox and a small tree, then hid under the back deck as the cops swarmed all over the yard looking for her.


    Yeah, when I was younger I did my share of driving home after 1, 2 4 and even 10 beers, and I "got away with it". I'm not holier than thou. I just realize what a stupid, dangerous thing I was doing, and that there is more to this topic than how much you can have before you judge it unsafe to drive, and where the cops lurk on Friday nights.


    I got away with it numerous times, felt I was OK to drive up to X beers, and felt I could get away with driving a short distance home even after X+Y beers, and maybe you did too. But I don't think people who haven't managed yet to control this dangerous behavior are entitled to go through a young phase where they get away with it for several years until age, police or disaster impart to them such wisdom, or at least, completely self-interested reluctance, as to keep them off the road after drinking.


    I love it that the law is very strict on this. Obviously people are still going to get away with it, but unlike parking overtime at a meter or trespassing on private property, this is one crime where both you and others are at risk of serious injury or death.


    Sorry to be a party pooper.

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