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  1. Apologies for digging up this old thread (with about half the posts by me ) but I thought I'd better finish the story. I now live in Shinano Omachi, about 20km south of Hakuba. I'm in a two-storey "Canadian-style" apartment with big double-glazed windows and a garden full of snow. It's near the Bunkakaikan, for anybody local. I've got a season ticket for Hakuba 47/Goryu, and have been spending most of my time there on my board. I haven't done any work so far. I've checked out a few of the other resorts up here too, whenever they've had an offer on (which isn't very often unfortunat
  2. Back at work now Spent a nice weekend up in Hakuba, including a stay (and killer breakfast) in the hotel used by the Russian cross-country ski team during the Nagano Olympics. It seems like I'm too late to catch a decent sized place there in the village itself (the odd "one-room" was all that was left), but I saw some nice places in the Kita-Omachi/Shinano area that's 15km or so south. Saw one place behind a takoyaki stall at the bottom of the Sanosaka resort (time to lift-maybe one and half minutes), but it was too small and looked very cold. I have had an offer of a room in a hut n
  3. The resignation went in at the end of September. I have to give ten weeks notice, so I don't finish until mid-December. Will check out some of the places people have kindly suggested tomorrow and Saturday. I may have a temporary place sorted near Happo-One so I'm going to have a look at that too. If I do get to spend time there, I'll give you a shout Krusty. It's pretty close to the slopes by the sounds...
  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. One of the reasons I'm telling people I'm going to spend the winter snowboarding is that I still haven't totally convinced myself that it's what I'm going to do. I've lived in the same place and worked at the same company for so long that I've become afraid of change. This in spite of having the means to do all right for a while without working. Many Aussies in a similar situation choose to go to Europe and do a tour in a VW bus, ending at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Rather than travelling myself, I have always wanted to have a go at doing a couple of
  5. I have lived in Amagasaki (just outside Osaka) for ten years, so yes, I know where it is... As I say, I plan to make my first scouting mission up to northern Nagano/Niigata this coming weekend. Some the guys behind this site sound as if you live in this area, so any advice is welcome. I just want to snowboard like mad for a while and would like to know where I should set up base camp. It doesn't have to be right in front of the slopes, but will preferable not require having to spend too much time in traffic jams. Am well on for hooking up with anyone come December.
  6. Yo Mr. Gamera ! You're in Hakuba aren't you ? Hopefully we can hook up sometime. Thanks for the advice. First thing I should say is that I've never been to Hakuba . Not even once. I've been to Shiga Kogen seven or eight times, and to Naeba, Myoko, and Yuzawa, but that was back in the days when I used to ski. I'm one of these city types you know with a regular job and overtime and all that. Lucky to get three or four trips a year. unless I do something drastic. This year I have decided, ahem, to do something drastic. I can always get another job. Something tells me I'm not going
  7. Hi folks Good to see the new site looking so good. I'm on for an overhaul myself and am going to move up close to the hills in mid-December. No more work for me for a while, just board, board, board. Question is, where should I move to ? My first impression is to head up near Hakuba, but does anybody have any good ideas. I don't need a job, will buy a car so access shouldn't be too much of a problem, and want to live in a proper house or apartment where I can invite my mates, not some little "resort mansion" 1LDK jobbie that costs over the odds. Hokkaido is probably too far fo
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