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  1. Sakka isn't usually too bad as far as crowds go but there is a problem with the fall line and steepness of the slope at the top section of Sakka for absolute beginners. The lifts at Sakka also don't compare to detachable double chair at Iimori(Goryu) which is better for learning for learning. I really like Happo for skiing or boarding but it's terrain doesn't really suit beginner and lower level skiiers/boarders.
  2. For a 5 year old I'd be putting them on skis first. Pretty sure that at most schools if you want a lesson for boarding at that age it will have to be a private lesson. Nothing wrong with trying them on a board but kids at that age usually just struggle to get going on a board unless they are given a lot of help. If they start out on skis then there is a much higher chance of being able to come down the beginners slope by themselves after a lesson with a good instructor on their first day compared to how they would progress on a board. I would also not recommend Happo as the beginners slope
  3. I was up at Happo today for my last day of the season. Wasn't really expecting to much but really enjoyed it. Got there at 8:00 and headed straight to the top. The runs had been groomed although the grooming was pretty average on the Kurobishi slope. The snow was surprisingly good although slushy but a lot of fun By about 9:30 it was pretty well cut up and becoming moguled and it was getting busier with people still arriving so I headed home at about 10:00. Overall a great end to the season. In Mr Wiggles review he said he got there at at 12:00. I would expect it to be very moguled at tha
  4. Get in contact with Evergreen Outdoor Center in Hakuba. They will be able to help.
  5. I use to work in a ski workshop on a ski resort and would see a few boots every season which a customer would bring in that were broken across the front of the boot. These boots were always old and always broke across the toes and on the first run of the day. Didn't cause any injuries but just an inconvenience to the user. Whether it was the change of temperature or just age I'm not sure but it does happen.
  6. Snow tyres really make a big difference but you will still need chains at times. Been pretty icy these past few days on roads in Hakuba and chains being used on the taxis, delivery trucks etc.
  7. Had the Hayfever injections last year and seemed to work well. A total of about 6 injections, getting each injection every 2 or 3 days from the local doctor. Going to see how well I handle it without injections this year but have already had troubles with itchy eyes and a pretty bad runny nose so might get the injections again next year if this gets much worse.
  8. As I said before it's due to a lack of snow.....I use to groom in Japan and have made the odd jump but the last time I went up in a cat was a couple of years ago with a friend who is a professional park builder who was flown in to build the park at Happo. This was in late January and he was concerned about the lack of snow to work with and and didn't want to reduce the snow base especially on the approaches to the jumps so he had to spend a lot of time to push enough snow from another area to build up the park.
  9. Softer snow/powder in the park is more of an issue with maintenance of the features and time/money spent on the park than it is with speed. Once the approaches of the bigger jumps have been groomed you shouldn't getting have any trouble getting the speed to clear the knuckle. Salt can always be thrown on the face of the jump and approach to harden it up but if a large jump was built where people struggled to get enough speed to clear it in most snow conditions then it has been built in the wrong place or should be made smaller. Late spring is an exception as the the snow is usually too sticky
  10. A fair amount of snow is needed to make a decent park so by late Jan there is usually plenty.
  11. Puking down in Hakuba with very little wind in the village so tomorrow should be great if the wind doesn't pick up.
  12. Its a shame you didn't take a lesson. You see many beginners on the slopes who have spent money on rental, travel, lift tickets etc and think they can get by without a lesson or are being taught by a friend who can barely turn. Snowboardings quite easy if you are shown the basics and will be a lot less painful. Progression is faster than skiing so its usually quite easy to become a competent boarder quite quickly. You can research about how to snowboard on youtube or be given tips on forums but you will be far better off having having an instructor telling you what to do in person.
  13. Great morning at Goryu/47 today. Lower slopes turned to crud by lunch but higher up was great. Not the best but one of the better days of the season.
  14. Would have been a scary ride for the people on the lift when the avalanche hit it.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJXVfb-byhc
  15. It's a total of 10 shots with one shot every 2~3 days. The syringe is about as big as a can of Red Bull so takes a couple of minutes to inject the solution. I guess insurance pays a portion as they took my details from my card and in total it will cost ¥5000, which if it works will be well worth it considering the amount I spent on drugs and tissues last year. Never had hayfever till about 4 seasons ago and have no other type of allergies that I'm aware of so I now feel sorry for others that have it far worse than me. I never thought it could be so bad till I experienced it myself.
  16. For the past few years in March/April I've had hayfever pretty bad so I've just started getting the injections from the Doctor. A total of 10 (big!!) injections in the arm over the next couple of weeks which I hope will help. Has anybody had any experience good/bad with the hayfever injections here in Japan?
  17. Most of the Aussies I've met this season haven't been concerned about the current exchange rate or cost of visiting Japan as they all say its still cheaper having a ski vacation here than back in OZ. If it was too high they may be encouraged to head to the U.S, Europe or Canada but for a lot the distance and cost of flights puts them off. In regard to Ski visitors I prefer a reasonably strong yen as from my personal experience it helps to keep the idiots away. When the $AUS was stronger than the yen about 4 seasons ago a number of groups were visiting who seemed to be here just to get drunk
  18. The fireworks at Happo are usually pretty good which is where I'll probably start the evening.
  19. Hi Alan, I wasn't able to PM you so Ive sent you a email to your bigpond address....well I hope its your email address. Spoke to my friend and he said the dates are booked. Im sure you will have a great time.
  20. Still waiting to hear back. The owner said she would know within a month so should be hearing from her soon.
  21. Treated it like a business meeting. Gave her a box of cakes as a thankyou present and discussed the apartment. She definitely left with the understanding that if there were any excessive or unusual charges or things unrelated to the contract then I would be questioning them. I grew out of using the "agressive gaijin" routine a long time ago but would still use it in the rare occasion if needed.
  22. Had the apartment inspection with the owner this morning. She didnt have too much to say except that the apartment was exceptionally clean but would still have to have the cleaners in as it states in the contract. She said the floors have to be waxed but there was no noticable damage that she could see. She said that as it was built by Sekisui House the Sekisui Maintenance staff have to come and do maintenance and a plumber has to come to inspect the water heater and parts possibly replaced which comes out of the deposit. I asked her where in my contract it states that I have to pay for mai
  23. After me and the Mother in Law spent 2 days cleaning you could eat off the floor.... now Im thinking about how hard she worked Im starting to feel bad about not getting her a Mothers Day present.
  24. No no mistake. We got the apartment directly through the owner and would normally pay 2 months reikin but the owner was happy not to take their one month so only paid one month reikin which went to the realestate office who took care of the contract/paperwork. And also we paid 2 months shikikin. Will be interesting to see what they say after the inspection as the apartment is damage free and perfectly clean.
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