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  1. This is what I play. Probably doesn't count though. Very Baroque
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: apparently Indonesian/Malay has no plural. But they do sometimes repeat a word twice if they want to emphasize more than one. Don't know of any others. "Bushpig" = 1 bushpig "2 Bushpig Bushpig" = 2 bushpigs "3 Bushpin Bushpig" = 3 bushpigs ?
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Thunderpants: I guess that words in danish like "Angstskrig" with 7 consonants shapes my voice Uhh only 2 vowels in that long word? I am not sure if I can pronounce that word correctly or not, Thundy. Quote: I speak in the same tone whatever the language. I know, I do the same. What I was asking is I wonder if the way to pronounce words of our mother tongue controls how your voice sounds. Errrr probably this is very tough for me to explain in English Gimme some more time to get better explanation.
  4. What if we took all the money from our bank account BEFORE our credit card company invoice the "stolen" amount to your bank account? Are we blacklisted?
  5. Does that someone has to be close to your location?
  6. Wish I could use an electric razor but my skin seems allergic to them. When I use an electric one, my neck looks as red as monkey's butts
  7. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: Quote: カメス or 亀s Well why the hell not?!? Hum... I dunno why. Is Japanese only language that doesn't care that number part? Do all the other languages have plural forms?
  8. Errrr Markie, maybe you always visit here in mid April or latter or first half of Dec? Sun-Alpine closes at the first half of April. Fukdane, I think you can see some at Ura-bandai? That mountain is also nice. I like Goshikinuma in summer as well though.
  9. Wow,muikabochi, sorry to see that. That's too bad. Is that a pic of recent days?
  10. I think "snow" is an uncountable noun, so "A falling snow" is probably an incorrect expression, it sounds more like snow that is falling now. But for Japanese people, it's tough to judge what are countable nouns, what are uncountable ones because Japanese language is a bit vague for it. We always say Kame カメ (亀) for turtles, singular or plural, it doesn't matter. It never is カメス or 亀s. Maybe "Attention, snow drops off" is better?
  11. Went to Sun-Alpine today with my guests. It was a nice day and made it good. Lake Aokiko view from Kashimayari Detour course from the top of Kashimayari, it's like a tour inbetween trees. Ice? snow? at some tiny branches, looks pretty wonderful. Don't know the name of this mountain though. Totally I made it good, and as I have mentioned Sun-Alpine is what you should try when you visit Hakuba while you have enough time. Not so many people know this ski slopes but highly recommended. Only some points I can advice are: #1 Prepare enoug
  12. Recently I have noticed that people tend to have some certain way how their voice sound depends on their mother tongues. E.g. people whose mother tongue are English tend to have this kind of voice, people whose mother tongue are Chinese tend to have that kind of voice. Maybe I am unique to talk about this but am I alone there? Or does it depends on the circumstances where they live?
  13. Quote: Originally posted by SirJibAlot: Man....I threw beans, ate beans, ate maki sushi while facing a specific direction and instructed not to talk...maybe my wife is messing with me but I don't get this tradition at all.... SJA, if I remember correctly, this eating a roll sushi facing a certain direction was created roughly 25 ( maybe a bit more ) years ago in Osaka when I was a uni student. I worked for a sushi restaurant for a part time ( arubaito ), it was not that popular to do that at that time but sushi restaurants tried to make it popular. So it was not quite an old 'tradition'
  14. Watty-Matty I think you misunderstood some. Suzaka is closer to Nagano city than Obuse. But yes, if you were located in Nozawa Onsen, easy to get confused with their location. I said roughly 1 hour car ride from Obuse to Hakuba because I know the route. Maybe a lot more if people don't know the correct route, easier to get lost.
  15. Soub, is Oishida close to Zao? I think I misunderstood your location.
  16. Me too. But I guess perhaps it's very easy to get lost there if once you get in the area of snow monster? Coz it looks maybe same every direction. Hard to judge where to go?
  17. Any links for some visible things available?
  18. What kinda mask do you wear, then Indo?
  19. Quote: Originally posted by Thunderbird2: While I have heard about the throwing beans and often see the sumo guys do it on tv, I don't really know what it is! T-bird2, it's getting happiness coming into your house & punching away the oni by throwing beans against oni. You can get your age + 1 number of beans to eat! When I was a kid, I wanted more beans but now..... Too much!
  20. Zaoman do you find any Juhyo ( snow monster? ) in Zao this season? Just curious.
  21. What are you planning for this Setsubun day Feb.3rd?
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