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  1. I think sumo wrestlers must have hard time to lose their weight after they retire. Because I know how hard it is to lose any! Quote: 672lbs or 305 kgs by my calculations. That's more than the weight limit for most Japanese elevators! I don't like it when an elevator gives me a warning when I get in. But I also think this happens a lot to chubby person like me.
  2. 5GB??? Hum.... Have already computers that can handle that much memories been available? Maybe they just put a 2GB memory installed to sell ?
  3. If there's some snow on the tables ( not sure if I could call them tables or not ), I think skiers also can do that?
  4. Do it now, big-will. It's snowing! I see a lot people around now driving their snowblowers. Probably I have to play mine today.
  5. So, now who in here are on Vista? Any recommendations or opposite? I hear Vista needs minimum 1GB memory, my laptop is just it. But if it says 1GB, I think I had better new 2GB one by past experiences.
  6. Yeah, turning off the lights and electricity out of vending machines at night could save a lot. How about no vending machine 23:00-6:00? I think it helps?
  7. Oh my, then when people say Eigo jouzu comments, is that something like Quote: "I'm utterly flabbergasted that you do indeed know what you are doing. I thought you were stupid." ?? I hope it's not lol
  8. Modest in Japanese are often translated : tsutsushimi bukai kenson na etc but if you mean " to realize something " by "satoru", I'm confused.
  9. Self employed for 18 years now. Daver, by the way the hat in your avatar looks enough big even to me! I want some hats which fit my head of 63cms around.
  10. Quote: Originally posted by rach: I find the idea of people having their shower in the morning, then going out and doing everything and getting into bed without another shower/bath quite repulsive. Stay away from me!! LOL. Rach I never fail to take a bath before going to bed
  11. AK77 I am not sure your exact location, but I think you can visit around the by-pass area located south part of Nagaano city MrWiggle mentioned. There are some shops around there like Kojima denki etc if I remember correctly. Or if you were closer to Matsumoto, I don't really know any other cheap destributors than Yamada denki. And if you were around Matsumoto, probably it's just wasting some of your time to visit some shops in Nagano city rather than buying what you want at Yamada denki in Matsumoto if there's not big difference in price? Good luck
  12. Liz - not foolish at all! A lot of Japanese visit Oz for sightseeing. Eveyrone has different idea and experience, so anyway you need to collect informations and decide by yourself so that you will never regret anything.
  13. Tokyo Mike Hum.. not sure if any tour operaters still sell some package ski tour for April. I guess perhaps you need to organize everything by yourself. Due to less snow, some ski slopes have seemed to have hard time this season, so you'd better check each and every ski slope condition to decide where. Good luck!
  14. It was lucky for you to have enough snow! If I did that run, probably I hit my face at some trees!
  15. Quote: Originally posted by Locko: Are Yuzawa & Gala in Hakuba - cant find them on the map?? No!! They are not in Hakuba http://www.snowjapan.com/e/maps/snow-jap...ano-hakuba.html
  16. Quote: Originally posted by brit-gob: gamera that naiyoh shomei yuubin - you saying this should be sent at the beginning or as a record when he's chasing up. No, not at the beginning. I think mina2 ( or his/her company ) sent an invoice to the customer if the customer didn't pay for the service at the time s/he got it. But s/he has not paid anything yet that's why it's time for mina2 to use a naiyoh shomei yuubin to give some pressure to the customer. Also it works as a record because a post office stamps on it.
  17. Scary! burnt beef ? Yellowsnow, I googled "Death by chocolate" and found there's a lot similar stuff e.g. brownie which I have cooked some times. All looks yummy but... Chocolate = way too much calories to me Slimeypete, caramels sometimes take some artificial teeth off! You have to be careful. BOC, I cooked some herb curry last summer which is listed in a cooking book. A bit sweet at first but soon too hot feeling widespreaded in my mouth which was funny.
  18. muikabochi, I think it's さいあく(最悪)- the worse
  19. When you have enough time for it. I made this today. Now playing a staring game with it. I don't want to gain some more extra weight! This glass is kinda big, 20+cms tall.
  20. Something light that is right. Before I drink, I usually have something oily e.g. tonkatsu because I hear it protects you from bad hangover. But if I drank beyond my limit ( which is very small amount ), I usually have headache, then I have a riceball and go to bed.
  21. Quote: Originally posted by Creek Boy: I enjoy that time - looking out the windows of buses, boats, taxis, tuk-tuks, whatever... the smells, scenery, people, atmosphere - I love it all. Same here, I enjoy everything when I see in a travel. Maybe sometimes it's boring if you need to wait for some more hours to change transportations but it's also a chance to find something you never find in your daily life. Take it easy. If you feel something annoying or tough to stay with, it is. It's like age is just number - if you were young in mind, you are young.
  22. mina2 Have you ever tried to send them any "naiyoh shomei yuubin 内容証明郵便"? It's a special letter on which the post office puts their stamps at the letter which means the other ( your customer ) would know the post office has already known what your customer has owed to you. Maybe it could give your customer a slight pressure? But if it's nearly 1 year, I think your customer is kinda 'hairy heart' ( 心臓に毛が生えている=物事に動じない)person. It might not work. Maybe your local city office might provide some counselling for it for free - maybe once a month something like that. Just ask them what you c
  23. Yellowsnow, I don't talk about accent. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: Maybe he means more along the lines of how the tones and way our vocal chords work, can influence how we produce sounds in other languages. Gam, the words we say when we are very young does in fact shape the roof of our mouth. So different languages will produce different shaped mouths. So I guess it could be the same for vocal chords. Different emphasis on different sounds may well produce different physical characteristics for vocal chords in young children. Bushpig explained things much nicer on behalf
  24. Quote: Originally posted by Indosnm: Been playing these weapons since I was 10! Must be very long, then But hey they look cool Indo
  25. Quote: Originally posted by cr500dom: Nagano looks like a good bet, How realistic would it be to leave work on Friday, Shinkansen to Tokyo, shinkansen/bus up to Nagano and then stay, ready for hitting the slopes on Sat morning ? Idea would then be to leave on Sunday afternoon and head home via the same route ?? Is that realistic ? Yep, if you could finish your work before 5 p.m. on Friday, I think you can reach Nagano late at night by catching an Asama Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano. It depends on how close your office to Mishima station and Shinkansen schedule from Mishima to Toky
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