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  1. Quote: Originally posted by samurai: I agree with 14. I don't understand the slurping noodles thing for a country that prides itself on politeness. Me neither. I guess probably noodles are exceptions. Quote: I have no idea why they would prefer to talk with food in their mouths either, or why they insist on (what I consider) very large mouthfulls, half of which is often hanging on their lips. I think they were educated badly. My parents raised us 3 boys very strictly at this point. Quote: Quite frankly, at my office, I have no idea why sounding like a horse when you eat is
  2. I think it depends on which roads/pathes is superior there. If one of them were superior to others, drivers at other roads/pathes would see a sign like or If there's nothing, you have to see around and judge who should go first, probably better let the other go first and you go next being careful enough.
  3. I hear leopard seals are very aggressive and dangerous. They are only seal that eats other seals, penguines whatever. Also hear they are exactly the unique animal in the Australian legend that attacked and killed a lot of people?
  4. Ground/1st floor at work. 1st/2nd floor in bed. Brit/Japanese way of calling floors
  5. Quote: Originally posted by YellowSnow: Thank you for the music...The songs were singing... No! Thank you for the music, the songs *I'm* singing Thanks for all the joy they're bringing Who can live without it I'm asking all honesty What would life be without a song or dance what are we so I say thank you for the music for giving it to me.... ( If I remember right )
  6. I prefer bed because it's easier to get up. If I sleep in futon, hard to get up, need something to grab lol.... Matress for the bed has to be hard one for me, soft one causes sore waists
  7. Probably 50-100 a day. I think it's hard to avoid them if you have your own website.
  8. Frank Ryan http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=36%2F35%2F....x=314&CE.y=217 Nagano Amori Kawanakajima Imai Shinonoi are in the map above Then http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=36%2F36%2F...=&MD.x=9&MD.y=7 Yashiro Togura are following. Then http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=36%2F27%2F...=&ML.x=7&ML.y=5 Sakaki Techno-Sakaki Nishi-Ueda Then http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=36%2F27%2F...=&RD.x=9&RD.y=9 Ueda Shinano-Kokubunji Ooya Tanaka Shigeno
  9. No, I don't think it smells bad. But actually I also have never met a real skunk, so what can I tell? > I do know what a bad rotten cabbage smells like though! Don't want to know it!
  10. Veronica, it's reported over 30C. The earliest Manatsubi ( the max temp. is over 30C ) in history. Sometimes some part of Shizuoka have seemed to have that kind of hot days. If I remember right, Tenryu city had around 40C with no wind some years back! Wonder how it's like.
  11. Fun!?!?!? Skiing in the thunder?? Neva! I have to find enough big place to hide myself then. Don't like thunder and drumming.
  12. Quote: Originally posted by rach: Do you notice differences between nationality there gamera? Like UKers vs USAers vs other types of gaijin ? Uh? No, tell me what it is?
  13. I think perhaps we can find different things in different places. I found a small pig penetrated by a big iron pole and grilled in the air a lot often when I walked around Paris, Athens etc. They sliced some to serve. The feeling I felt is probably similar with what you felt when you saw the awabi no odorigui. I don't like to see something is dying, so obviously that's not my cup of coffee. The other thing is sometimes you find some "living" fish in a glass water, someone drink it all - the water and the fish together. errrrr...No! don't want to see that! >Not keen on havi
  14. Now I see most of you have to duck when you pass through doors in Japan. How often do you hit your forehead at the doorway?
  15. Quote: Originally posted by scouser: Are you a footie fan gamera? Not a big fan, but recently I've found that soccer is sometimes exiting to watch. I often hear "Press (spelling? )" in a game. Does it mean someone ( e.g. Diffenders )obstruct players in the other team? See below. http://www.afpbb.com/article/1467327 Looks as if Cannavaro holds the other's shoulder and an arm, almost wrestling rather than soccer. Is it permitted ? Am I just ignorant of the rules?
  16. Quote: Originally posted by muikabochi: "Nihonjin to shite umarete yokatta!" (I'm so glad to be born a Japanese!) when she was stood under a sakura tree. I have also recently heard it at a ramen shop when someone was eating some ramen. I think that "Nihonjin to shite umarete yokatta" part means something like " Glad to experience to see this sakura tree in bloom." (Between the lines : If I were born in other countries in other culture , probably I can not see this because not so many sakura trees are around in other countries in other culture ). Same with ramen. I know Chine
  17. Quote: Originally posted by tsondaboy: For me is: samui = < 0 mecha samui = < -10 suzushii = > 10 You are an iceman tsondaboy.
  18. Italy 2-0 Scotland Group B is getting interesting
  19. SAJ, I think there's no rule for it. I say "samui" whenever I feel it cold. I think if it's lower than 15-16C, I may say "samui" but not sure because I really don't hold a themometer all the time with me. Also, it really depends on the person. As I have talked about body temperture difference between Japanese and foreigners, Japanese say "samui" when I set room temperture about 18-20C, when I set it over 20C, foreigners say "atsui" LOL.... Very difficult to satisfy them all.
  20. I think it's a kind of meeting place to happen to meet someone you don't know. In other words, a kind of place for communication. If those above don't explain it good, it's a place where anybody can stay and talk to others about anything. Hope it helps.
  21. Quote: Originally posted by soubriquet: I used to be 5'10" (about 178cm), but now I'm 177. She's 155, so that makes a 12cm spread. I think it's 22cms, soub? Quote: I`m under 6ft which is 185 right? know idea if you say whats 160cm in feet for example. Almost yes, correctly I hear 6 ft = 183cms. I think 160cms = 5'3" ? I'm roughly 5'7" or 5'8".
  22. ianbc If you like nature thing, maybe Mizubasho ( translated as "skunk cabbage" in Englsh - dont know why ) at Okususobana nature park is worth visiting around that time. The peak depends on the year, sometimes it's around GW - at the first half of May, sometimes later. Usually at the second half of May which is when you would like to try.
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