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  1. Wrong web site for asking about Turkey, I know, but I am not in Japan this season - wish I was! Has anyone on this board ever been to any resort in Turkey? What the verdict? Have a good season! Cheers Martin
  2. Most snow speed records are attempted / acheived at Les Arcs 1800 in France. They have what is called the Flying Kilometer - and straight, steep pitch with a long run out at the bottom. A few years ago a bloke on a MTB did 150 odd MPH down that hill!! Mad as you like! I have always wanted to know how fast I am going when I start papping it and slow down! Martin
  3. Hey Matt, I first skied at Hillend in Edinburgh, I loved it too, unitl I found real snow! Martin
  4. I went in to my local Paramount sports store the other day to look for a few bargains, only to find that the place had been emptied of snow related products - and replaced with football gear, shorts and t-shirts, and whole range of summer stuff!! This time last year there was still snow in their car park!
  5. Hey Craig, Yes I am still riding a Nirto board. Can't wait to hit Niseko, I'll put a few lines through the Mahirashi trees for ya! Have a good one Martin
  6. I am heading up to Hirafu for a long weekend this friday, is anyone on this board going to around at the same time? Anyone up for a blast around strawberries, and launchning off the Alpen ridge? Martin
  7. Sumikawa snowpark on the Miyagi side of Zao offer a cat serive, but it is usually booked out prettty quickly and the resort is prtty flat. The cat tour looks great though. I have never managed to get booked on in time,...I was green with envy when i sam them loading up the cat to heat up to the top of Zao. They also offer the spaces for non skiers and boarders as a return trip...to see the snowmonster. GRRRRRR!!! What a waste of spare seat in a cat!! bloody Japanese tourists!! Grrr! If anyone gets to ride teh cat please report back on this board. Martin
  8. I was at Onikoube on Saturday, after a good dump of snow it usually takes them a while to get the top half opened up,.... but sat. was as mad as you like!! They stopped all the lifts unitl about 11:30 (with a 10min spell of operation which left me half way up the mt. for 30 mins standing about!! ) because a few cracks of thunder and flash of lightening!! Maybe it is better to be safe than sorry, but the chances of freezing to death have to higher than being hit by lightening??? Would you be more likely to be hit by lightning stood on an open piste holding ski poles or whilst sitting on a ch
  9. It seems that I too am behind a works firewall, I get the same message as Danz. Anyone know any ways of getting past it??
  10. Hey Twikki, Where can you get a cheap SM?? Do they have any 181cm boards there?? I wouldn't mind having a blast on one of those!
  11. Sorry guys, I am feeling a bit crook, so I will be resting in my bed tonight. Grrr.....I was looking forward to having a mad one in Tokyo. have a blast if you go out tonight, or if your hitting the hills tommorow. Martin
  12. Does anyone know if Onikoube Skijo will open tommorow?
  13. Thats what we are planning aswell, we'll be up in Niseko after the 10th Feb for a week in the pow! Can't wait.
  14. Here is the email address: yh-sappo@crocus.ocn.ne.jp When are you going up there? I will be there during the 1st weekend of the snow festival. Have a good one. Martin
  15. The top half of Geto was good on Saturday, about 10" of soft snow on the edges of the pistes. Still not enough base to blast through the trees yet though. Eboshi Zao on Sunday was..........a load of B@!!@xs. Ice with rocks poking out on the two or three runs that were open. Packed out with people, and gale force winds. @Glad I didn't go there on Saturday aswell! Should be better on Zao after a good dump of snow. Anyone else hit the slopes last w/e?? Martin
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