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  1. If I remember correctly, Kokusai Sapporo only had the very top lift running on my first day, November 25th I think.....And Niseko didnt open till about 5 days after schedule, i think on the 28th if I remember correctly? And same deal with Niseko the year before.... And yet, Kokusai already has top to bottom snow (well did yesterday anyway! not sure after the recent rain) AND 3 days of snow starting tonight. So dont worry, its the best start to the season Ive seen in my 3 years here!!! (Hokkaido anyway). As for the long term reports saying itll be a bad winter, I have trouble
  2. Just wondering how many others have been boarding already? Sapporo Kokusai already has top to bottom. Unfortunately, I arrived late yesterday and spent an hour teaching my girlfriend, but it looked good already! Went back today, and the high temperatures ment my board barely moved after noon.... But more snow on the way...hooray! (too bad I have to work!!) Joules
  3. Well I know the snow will be shit but if there are any resorts still running with jumps then Im there! Otherwise Ill be at Daisetsusan. After all, Im from Australia so bad condiditions are nothing new to me! And besides, I wanna go boarding goddamit!!!!!
  4. Will return to Hokkaido tomorrow, along with a nice new pair of Boots to test..... But as u can imagine, I can hardly wait 6 months to try em! Does anyone know which resorts are still open? I went to Kiroro last year golden week and twas fun! But if its shut of course....... Joules
  5. I believe Ben (from Niseko) refers to the chopped up galssy looking stuff as `sherbert`.....I even have a student who swears a previous teacher from Canada claims that noone calls it Powder, but instead calls it sherbert (but I think she probably got mixed up). But as for the different words, surely they are talking about different words for when its falling! As Ive noticed, snow is NOT snow - you have ice pick snow, tiny snowball snow (arare), fat flake snow, etc! Alright stay cool, Joules
  6. Actually, Teine Highland (where the slalom and giant slalom where held in 1968 I think) actually has a few quite advanced runs. Not as much powder as the other resorts in Hokkaido, but is close to Sapporo (actually IN Sapporo) and a nice challenge (if a little small). Joules
  7. Its not the closest place from Sapporo centre, but is the closest decent place. (Moiwa is the closest, but no boarding. Next is Bankei, and Fujino healthland, and a few others). From Sapporo centre (where I live) it takes me about 50 minutes by car.....and yes, it is towards Otaru (in an area called Teine, funnily enough!). Quite small, but there are some nice secret powder places Ive heard, once you know the place well. And the season pass gets you cheap tickets to Kokusai, Yuubari and Kamui!!! (1000 yen)...and vice-versa. Will go there tomorrow! (but no internet at home, so I
  8. Well last year I basically worked weekends in Sapporo and stayed in Niseko from tuesday to friday. It cost a little overall, but was certainly worth it allup (and didnt cost much). But now is even better - am earning a fair amount, and get to board 4 or 5 days a week (although going to work after a hard morning churning powder is harder than it sounds!). Had to buy a car though, which costs a LOT to run down here. And will probably stick to Teine Highland and Kokusai this year (season pass for Teine, but it allows kokusai day ticvkets for 1000 yen). But for anyone wondering about earl
  9. Went to Kokusai on wednesday and friday. Wednesday was great - first day of top to bottom skiing, and super deep powder everywhere. But yesterday was something else!! Duck under the rope for the downhill course (the only black runb) and deep trackless powder all day!!! No costomers (almost) and heavy snowfall helped it to be one of the best days of boarding Ive EVER had (and I spent about 50 days in Niseko last year). Why bother with backcountry when you have the main runs so deep with powder all to yourself!!! Before youi get jealous though, must admit I went to Teine on wednesday (
  10. Woohoo, boarding apparently starts tomorrow.......I repeat, TOMORROW!!!!! Well only at Onze (machine snow) and Nakayama toge (if theres enough snow, so may not open until after the first good dump coming on tuesday, wednesday and thursday!). (for those of you not in the know, both resorts are crappy places in Hokkaido that youd never bother going to in winter, but anyway....!) Anyway, its the thought that counts! Joules
  11. Go for it man, you wont regret it. Im doing a similar thing myself, but will have to work part time. I also want to live in a city, as my last Japanese experience was great, but in a town 170,000 (many advantages, except this was a cement town, so it always stank!) Ive decided to go to Sapporo, and will leave in a few weeks. But another area you may want to look at is the Yamagata area. Lots of resorts including Yamagata Zao (50 lifts - can you imagine how much hidden backcountry and hidden powder stashes there must be when you know the place!) and Gas-san - slopes are open till t
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