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  1. Please let us know which of the following "data islands" (ie. those things on the right hand side column of the forums pages) you look at or use? So vote for the ones that you use or "look at" - even if only a little or sometimes. If you NEVER use one or never look at it or are just not interested at all, please do not check the box for that one..... You can choose as many as you like. Thank you!
  2. SnowJapan#David

    Missing in Action

    Spoilsport as it may be, we are just not going to discuss the details of the banning of anyone on these forums. It's just not going to happen. So while talking about friends who might be missing or not posting much of late is of course fine, please can we refrain from any mud-slinging and/or 'guessing the reasons' discussions on people who you know to be unable to post. Thanks.
  3. SnowJapan#David

    New "Japan Travel" Forum

    Split them up, what do you think? (We can change it back if needed, lets see what the response is, etc!)
  4. Welcome to the new "Overseas Travel" section of the Forums. This section is intended for discussion on travles outside of Japan. If you want to post a trip report from within Japan, please post it here: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/postlist/Board/11/page/1 Rules and Guidelines of the Forums in general apply to this new section. Thank you.
  5. SnowJapan#David

    Missing in Action

    Just for the record, Ocean11 is welcome to post on these forums whenever he wishes to and there has never been a time when he wasn't. You can count the number of members of these forums (ones who have posted more than a few messages) who have been "banned" by us on one hand with digits to spare.
  6. Well, I would say that while we hope that people will use them and they will become a good addition to the forums community, the Travel sections of the Forums are hardly a major part of the site and not the main focus of what we are. We added those forums the other week when we updated the Forums in general because a number of established members in the past requested those new sections to the Forums. The current photo upload facility on our site is closely linked with the galleries and categories that we have and so even if we wanted to, adding "Overseas Travel" would not be a quick thing to implement. But I'm not sure we would even want to do that though.... it's just not the main focus of SJ. However, many of the changes and developments that we make to SJ each year are based on comments that we get from people and so if it turns out that this is something people really want, we shall see. I will bring this point up though next time we meet to talk about developments. Thanks.
  7. Yes there is, and people are very welcome to post threads like that. However, having an official photo gallery section on the site including photos of cats wearing silly hats and drunk uncles dancing at the Christmas disco etc on a major section of the main site is not the way to go. Snow Japan is not (and we don't want to be) just a free photo hosting service. Each season as the site gets bigger it gobbles up a huge amount of bandwidth daily and we have to deal with that issue in terms of network and cost. Adding any "upload all you want" section would be of no benefit, rather the opposite. People can easily upload the silly cat photos on any of the free photo hosting services out there and link them in to threads. Of course any photos that fall into the categories that we have on SJ, we'd be more than happy and encourage for them to be uploaded here.
  8. SnowJapan#David


    The Forums and SJ in general primarily use the Tahoma font.
  9. Yes that's a good point, thursday. We don't want to dilute the effectiveness of what we have, so to speak. I think it would send out a confused message if we allowed photos of absolutely anything to be uploaded to SJ. (One of the things that the powers that be are very keen on is keeping the focus of what this site is, that being one of the strengths of SJ). This last season we started the Japan General and Overseas Snow categories, as we knew that people wanted to upload photos from overseas ski trips and Japan photos.... and they are relevant to the theme of the site. I don't personally think that a "Anything Goes" category would be a good thing....
  10. Yes, thanks. We are definitely going to be looking into this and hopefully it might be possible for us to modify things somehow to allow multiple uploads - we need time though and we'll let you know at a later date. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. All points noted, thanks. Other sites that you upload to for free do not link all the relevant photos with relevant Japanese ski resorts, prefectures, categories & galleries like we do on this site. We think (and general feedback has said) that these features are in general a very useful thing to have and we put a lot of effort into creating it to be as interlinked as possible, hopefully for everyones benefit. Speaking from our point of view, we would much prefer photos to be uploaded to SJ if possible rather than be hosted somewhere else and then linked. More photos on SJ is good in that readers in general have all those resort galleries with all those photos together, members have their photos all together and create different galleries, and of course it is good for SJ as well as it shows the site to be active and popular. In a way posting them to SJ is a good way of supporting what we are doing. So please do post them to SJ if you can Anyway we promise to look into this issue to see what we can do about it - please bear with us for a bit while we do the necessary research and thinking Thanks.
  12. Hi SerreChe. Like I said it would be extremely complex to change things so that the settings for multiple pictures are changed on one form and until now only Fattwins has mentioned this. However since Fattwins did mention it again it is something that we will once more discuss to explore what is involved and if it is realistic for us to make those changes. Personally I think that a form that allows you to upload 5 photos would be way too big and clumsy and even put many people off. If you wanted a form that allowed you to assign exactly the same info to two or more photos out of the five possible on the page, then you are talking about a further complexity to the functionality again. (About changing the categories - surely changing a pic over from General > Overseas takes less than 10 seconds per pic, and it is something that is only ever needed to be done just the once?)
  13. Fattwins, that is not something that will be changing for a number of reasons. Each photo uploaded to the site has a lot of information associated with it - prefecture, resort, country, gallery, caption, user defined gallery, etc) and it would be very complex to modify it all so that 5 could be uploaded at the same time... certainly more complex than the final benefits of doing so. It would also make the uploading page very busy and more complex so we are not sure that many people would actually appreciate it. Thanks
  14. Not sure, we will take a look at that. Thanks.
  15. SnowJapan#David

    New "Japan Travel" Forum

    We have increased the maximum size of each photo in the Photo Galleries to 500KB. Photos can be uploaded here (you need to be logged into Insider): http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo_gallery_image_uploader.php Thanks!
  16. We have increased the maximum size of each photo in the Photo Galleries to 500KB. Photos can be uploaded to SJ here (you need to be logged into Insider): http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo_gallery_image_uploader.php Please choose the "Japan General Photos" category when uploading photos for this section. Feel free to link display them in threads on this forum. Just put "" after the URL. To find the URL of the image you have uploaded, right click on the image and the name should be displayed. Please do contact us if you experience any problems. Thanks!
  17. We have increased the maximum size of each photo in the Photo Galleries to 500KB. Photos can be uploaded here (you need to be logged into Insider): http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo_gallery_image_uploader.php Thanks!
  18. SnowJapan#David

    New "Japan Travel" Forum

    A few people have mentioned this to us and I thought I'd ask on here.... separate Japan and Overseas Travel forum sections - what do you think folks?
  19. Any different type of member thing that we could do would be based on number of posts....
  20. Will look into that SirJib, again this is something that is not quite possible at the moment.
  21. Just to update you on the ratings thing - unfortunately in the current coding of the forums we are not able to change that right now to allow individual on/off settings. Sorry about that to those who wish to be able to turn it off.... we will be trying to get this changed however and promise that if and when it does become possible we will implement it as quickly as we can.
  22. OK just taken a look at that one --- everyone (for) now is "SJ Forums Member". (I think that's how everyone was on the old forums setup, seems that things got a bit mixed up for some reason due to the switchover).
  23. I was just about to add that, but you beat me to it - thanks klingon
  24. SnowJapan#David

    New "Japan Travel" Forum

    Would really like to see them. ( You do know you can create new threads, right? )
  25. bobby, (about the links) we don't have control over that aspect of display and so don't hold your breath Also if you click on the latest post link on the right hand side of each thread in the listings, it takes you directly to the latest post


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