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  1. Just a quick but very important update as we approach the end of September.

    We are currently working on updating the information on SnowJapan.com.

    There's a huge amount of work to do and most ski resorts will only begin releasing information as we enter October.

    A few points to please keep in mind regarding our site updates:

    * There are over 500 ski hills in Japan
    * Our information is not updated automatically
    * Our information is all updated manually
    * We are (generally) not provided information from ski resorts - we gather and check information ourselves
    * We are not some large team of people clocking in working like robots - rather, a few trusted people working with real care
    * It is not possible for us to start these updates earlier, due to the fact that most ski resorts only release their information in the autumn months
    * Our updated information appears gradually throughout October and November (ie. not all at once)

    So, the process takes a lot of time. Realistically it will take us right through until December. However, you can expect most of the larger/major ski resort information to be updated by the end of October.

    About ski resort opening dates:
    I have mentioned this before, but ski resort opening dates every year are usually very similar. So if a particular ski resort planned to open on (for example) 20th December last year, they probably will be planning to open on a similar date this year. And then it's up to snowfall, of course.

    About ski resort lift ticket prices:
    As for lift ticket prices - with the increase in consumption tax from 8% to 10% from 1st October, expect many (most?) ski resorts to increase their lift tickets by a bit...

    We're checking it all!


    Winter is coming.  :)




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