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  1. ezoskibum

    skiing late march

    Resorts are open through Golden Week up here which is about as late as most other places. Regardless, I doubt many will be open late this year with the lack of snow and warmer temps.
  2. ezoskibum

    skiing late march

    I would recommend going further north as you might have better luck with temperatures and conditions, so Hokkaido might be good and look at going further inland to Furano.
  3. ezoskibum

    Teine Highland

    I've only skied the first four bowls, and three and four are far out and require quite a traverse as it is. I would think if you're skiing any further out that you're probably going to be skiing back to town. If the snow pack is good then skiing down to town isn't a problem as I have friends who do it, but I haven't done it personally. Teine has great views on a bluebird day, but gets the least amount of snow in the area and it gets wind blasted compared with the resorts in the Jozankei area or further inland.
  4. ezoskibum

    Early season in Japan

    This has been among the worst starts I've seen in Hokkaido. It has been quite depressing so far. Yes, we have had a few really good dumps, but all the warm weather has really lessened the snow pack and there is way to much sasa to ride off piste still. The next ten-day outlook is looking better so I hope the snow finally starts accumulating so more terrain can finally open up.


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