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  1. Guy Zudkevich

    Buying gear in Japan

    Hi Im planning of snowboarding in Myoko for 8 weeks next winter . How are the prices of snowboarding gear in Japan compared to the us ? where do you recommend buying gear in Tokyo or Myoko ?
  2. Guy Zudkevich

    Snowboard gear shipping

    Hi there I'm planning of snowboarding next winter in Myoko for 8 weeks. After Myoko I’m planning of backpacking through Asia. Is it possible to send my snowboard gear (snowboard bag) back home (overseas) while I continue my trip? I would love to get some information how I can do it. Thanks
  3. Guy Zudkevich

    Myoko seasonal

    I never snowboarded Japan before ( only Europe ) so I don’t know what’s it’s like elsewhere... is it allowd in Myoko ski areas to snowboard off piste without a guide ? I heard it used to be banned around Japan in the past
  4. Guy Zudkevich

    Myoko seasonal

    Hi there We are a couple looking to spend 1-2 months snowboarding in Japan (January 2020 and maybe February as well). We are want to experience the powder japan is famous , experience ‘authentic Japanese’ and also stay on budget. After tons of reading we are thinking about Myoko and we have a few questions: Do Myoko ski resorts allow off piste skiing/ snowboard ? Is Myoko a good place to go to snowboard some good deep powder ? Does Myoko have any joint seasonal ski pass with other ski resorts in Japan? Is Myoko a good place to stay on low budget ? Of course we would love to hear recommendations about other ski resorts that will suit us Thanks !


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