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  1. I must say I am disappointed to hear this. This is my second year of winter sports in Japan. I have found myself looking at the forums the last few months more than I look at my Facebook. I am glad they will remain readable for sometime as there is a lot of valuable information. Thanks for all of your efforts in putting together this great site and forum. Hope to meet you on the slopes this season.
  2. I just bought a new pair of Ski's, and boots. I have plenty of "Snow Stoke." Just need to get back home to Japan to enjoy winter in the snow with my family.
  3. Where can you buy this ticket? From any JR. View travel shop in the JR train stations. Onsens aren't included in the price mind you Ask for the higaeri 日帰り deals.....that's the day return deals. They can't be bought yet though.....gotta wait until about halfway thru next month before the brochures come out Thank you! Cannot wait till snow season!
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