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  1. yeah after traditional japan, but a bit more off track? We're a very active bunch, so looking for more opportunities to see off-the-track sort of things? I'm not sure how much there will be with all the snow, so i suppose anything other than big cities? - . Kamakura sounds nice, will add it to the list. Thanks
  2. wow- shows how much google lies! thanks for the inside advice! is there anywhere really worth seeing?? (perhaps a place not famous for cutlery? whilst i love cutlery- it's not high up on my to-do-list.).. plus... he is actually a she
  3. i really want to see Sanjo because apparently there are some really nice walks and ruins outside the city? (according to google- of course). muikabochi- have you heard of these? and shiabata had a castle, temples? that sort of thing? What do you think? Thanks gozaimaas- we've decided to train it around instead.
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply! Hokkaido hike was just what google was returning as a search? it was just a 7 day walk in the national park. It starts in Akan-ko and finishes in Shikotsu-ko. Some of the towns we were thinking of looking at were Sanjo and Shibata? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, just after a bit of advice. A few of us are coming out to Japan December 30th- January 18th, and are planning on boarding at Hakuba, then road-tripping up to Niseko. What are the road conditions like to drive along the east coast? We are trying to work out wether it is better to go via train, or attempt to drive it. The train lines don't look like they stop at some of the smaller villages that we wanted to see. Also, any recommendations for activities? We are an active bunch, and want to get out of the cities. I really wanted to do the Hokkaido hike, but i assume it's goi
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