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  1. I am planning to retire at the age of 50 and then will continue my skiing dream. Will travel and explore beautiful ski resorts in the world.
  2. Either Hirafu or Annupuri will be alright, but based on you plans that you'd still want to go to Hirafu at night, it's better that you'll just stay at Hirafu all day, it would be more cheaper than you think you can if you'll go in Annupuri in daytime. Your expenses in commuting will just be the same.
  3. Nice pics Chriselle, camping sounds fun, but summer's one of my busiest days too, just like what snowdude has said. But I think I should try camping one of these weekends.
  4. That sounds interesting! I also want to have a visit LA too. But just a plain plan for now.
  5. Welcome to the Forum! Anyway, Japan's really a great place for ski vacation and I'm sure you will have an awesome and worth vacation if you'd find time to stay atleast 1 week. Vanilla Air or Jetstar is a good option though.
  6. Yeah! Enjoy your vacation in Japan, Im sure your wife will love it too. Spend the days right my friend. Enjoy!
  7. Nice video Magseven. Enjoyed watching it! Your friend's really good huh, plus the editing's really nice. Good job!
  8. Awesome! Nice photo, looks like you really had a great time hiking. Also the weather's cooperating, looks really fun and interesting. Maybe I shloud try hiking too.
  9. Whoa! Looks so scary to eat but look so yummy too! Wish I could get there soon. @_@
  10. Wow! A big hand of applause for MagSeven.. And it also means that I need to go to Japan sooner! :3
  11. What kind of Virus is this? I thought this could affect my skiing trip. Whew!
  12. What a beautiful day! It's kinda chilly and windy outside, and it's a sign of a great week in the hills. Weee!
  13. Starting this season, I'd been skiing for a maximum of 3-5 days. 1-2 days is really not enough.
  14. Agreed. Also the only resort with easy access to a true alpine environment. So agree! Japan's really has one of the best Alpine mountains in the world. Never been in Hakuba yet, but think I will include this on my bucket list.
  15. Isn't that in Niseko? The pictures looks familiar with the one's my brother had went for a Ski Vacation. hmm..
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