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  1. Whoa, that is not good.

    Maybe Fuji will be next although hopefully not.

    Volcanoes exploding all over the world at the moment.



    Yeah right! I observed that too! Why is that so? Is there any expalnations on that?

    Hopefully the one who's seroiusly injured will get well soon.

    That's why I always back off hiking through volcanoes though.

  2. I was fixing up a pair of second hand bindings from 2002 the other day. The rubber grommets holding in the toe straps had rotted and basically disintegrated resulting in the straps pulling out last season (both of them, while on the hill and about 5 minutes apart!). At the time, the ski shop couldn't help me (they had no idea what I was talking about) so I ended up folding pieces of gum tape until I had a sturdy enough rod to feed through the hole left by the grommets that anchored them into the binding. Happily enough, I was good for the rest of the day. This has got me thinking about how viable old gear really is. I've since replaced the gum tape with metal rods and the straps feel as sturdy as I imagine they originally were.


    Snowboarding is a sport that is heavily dependent. Having gear you can rely on is definitely a big part of it but on the other hand, I'm really not adverse to using gear that is 10 years plus old. In my mind, the tech hasn't really changed that much, especially in the case of the snowboards themselves. I was wondering about other people's opinion on old gear vs new gear is. Do you still use any gear that is 10 or more years old? Have you had any experience of gear giving up on you that made you wish you hadn't used anything so old?



    I think it's ok to use an old gear, as long as you're the one who used it through time. But, if you'd bought it on second hand, oh well, I don't think it's still good to use. Qualities before and today may have been lots of difference, and there are lots of great new gears(technologically speaking) for Beginner today than the gears that beginners used before.

  3. I'm planning a trip down to Fuji Rock in a few weeks time and was hoping for advice or recommendations from you clever people who might know that part of the world, or have been to Fuji Rock before.


    We're going to catch the ferry down from Hokkaido to Niigata with our bikes the weekend before the festival. Loose plan is to do a couple of days over on Sado Island, before returning to the mainland to work our way inland to arrive at Naeba on the Thursday.


    We'll be cycling and camping, so any recommendations for nice campsites, onsens or interesting things to see on Sado, or between the coast and Naeba would be really helpful. Also any ideas for a route to include nice quiet scenic roads for cycling?


    It's our first time to Fuji Rock too, so any top tips for that are more than welcome too!


    Many thanks in advance!


    I like your planned trip. So jealous..Wish I could do same thing. Good bless your vacation trip.

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