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  1. i really like Lagavulin 16, on the OP's list. i like islay peats but find the lagavulin most balanced. on the mountain i carry a flask of ardbeg 10 with me in my backpack. it's hard to taste subtlety when your face is frozen so i found the ardbeg peat bomb works well :=)
  2. thanks all! i ordered one of these locks...they got pretty good reviews: https://safeman.de/index.php teikiatsulover, haven't decided what to bring yet but am thinking head i.supershape magnums for carving/coaching, and either DPS wailers (for 2 ski quiver) or Rossi Soul 7's plus Wagner 120's (for 3 ski quiver). i'm a bit reluctant to leave custom wagners lying around the base, so i might go with the 2-ski combo. hope you guys in jp have a great early season \m/
  3. Thanks guys!!! Do the ski racks take standard size locks (i.e. like Master u-shape locks)? I'll definitely need to lock my skis since one of the pairs is a custom job which I'd be crushed to lose on the mountain Sounds like a race course will be hard to come by. I'd feel bad about gatecrashing (no pun in intended) a ski school course without permission....I'll just plan on freeskiing while i'm out there.
  4. Hi all, I'll be skiing the niseko area in January and will be bringing 2 or 3 sets of skis. I've not been able to find answers to these questions via search: 1. Is there on-mountain storage or check-in/valet for skis? I'd like to be able to bring 2 set of skis onto the mountain in the morning and swap out of skis during the day depending on conditions and the group I'm skiing with. 2. Is there an open/recreational race course on mountain if I want to hit some gates, and if so when is it open and what kind of course is it? I'm not familiar with course standards in japan. Tha
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