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  1. So as per latest Hakuba Now report, and the fact Happo One is having a pre-opening tomorrow. I am going to safely call this thread closed, as i'm in no doubt they'll be plenty of snow for me once i arrive in end of Dec. WOOT WOOT!
  2. Nice, yeah, i alwways keep an eye on the front page for update reports.
  3. Yeah am seeing on a couple of sites, looking like a bit coming from Sunday evening.
  4. See, SnowDude & Beaver understand. Thats what i wanna hear boys! Yeah, am seeing the same thing on some reports, some even saying a nice sprinkling on Thursday this week. Come on baby! P.S - So....i should Book Now!?
  5. My bad, i didn't make this clear when i started the thread. I was after nothing put positive news on the snow situation. Even if it HAS been bad, or COULD be bad.....just humour me an lie Since watching YouTube videos of Happo One i've bee daydreaming it'll be awesome
  6. skidaisuki....all good, i was expecting some of the comments Been doing some research though, and sounds like the mentions of the appearance of kamemushi and Yuki Mushi aphids, usually means winter is only a couple of weeks away. Or thats whats Japanese folklore says. As for Jellyfish....i'm guessing the appearance of them in Yokohama harbour again usually means Winter isn't far off either? I close with those explainations? Or do people own some pretty smart weather predicting jellyfish as pets
  7. Well....as i'm new to the forum....i don't know what the "jellyfishes" are.....or the Book Now! That i've seen Pie Eater go nuts on, on various posts. And also, the facination with cheese on various posts and photos.
  8. Knew i'd get some of these responses But am fine with it. Just bouncing off the walls, waiting till i get there
  9. Hey all I've been looking at previous years snow reports for Hakuba, and comparing it to the long range forecast as shown on Accuweather for this year. I'm due to head to the slopes there on 27th December, and wondering if it might be a little too early, as there might not be much snow by then. Am i getting too paranoid, as it's still WAYYY early days yet, or could it be a slow start to the season? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the input guys, might go with some walkie talkies for now. We have 2 days in Kyoto before getting there, so could find some. Or we also have a friend working in a shop in Ski Shop, so he might be able to source some good ones before we arrive. Cheers folks
  11. Hi guys First post, and apologises if this has been asked before. I had a bit of a search, but couldn't find anything specific. I'm off to Japan over Christmas, with 5 days in Hakuba, at Happo One.....and am bouncing off the walls with excitement!!! :D My missus will be going to ski school with a friend for the first few days, then after that we'll hopefully be able to ski together. I want to be able to keep in contact with her when shes at ski school, so we can meet up for lunch etc. Just wondering what the best way would be Walkie-Talkies (2way) I've heard could
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