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  1. Thanks for all the good info guys! Ive been looking at the boot covers which I might try out. Also getting a better insole for my boots. Ive always been told to wear my boots fairly tight. Might back them off a bit sounds like it wouldn't hurt! Boot warmers.hmmmm Have to look into that.
  2. Hi everyone. Ive been skiing for a while now but I still struggle with the age old problem, my toes especially are in excruciating pain from he cold! Hands as well. Niseko last year was a struggle. We are back to Niseko after Christmas but I really don't feel like going through all the pain again. So, whats the answer? Ive tried thee activated charcoal pads. They seem to make your feet sweat, socks get wet and you know where that ends up! More socks dont help at all. What about heated socks? I havent tried them at all. My daughter is keen to give them a go. I'm looking to any and all input int
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