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  1. I was at Appi in mid Feb. I think that as long as the temperatures aren't too warm by now, it's perfect for a couple of days - I had one of the best on-piste days of my life there. The mountain is large by Japanese standards and you won't get bored, but there is absolutely nothing to do except ski. However, I think unless you're really keen for a western-style hotel, avoid the Prince. I was inside a few times and its dated quite badly. I would suggest instead Resort Inn Miwa - a totally underused Japanese pension run by a lovely elderly couple. I stayed there this year and it was wonderful
  2. Speaking of which, if they close the lifts in Japan due to weather, is it general policy to give a credit? I was at Appi and they closed everything at noon except the main gondola, I think just as an excuse to say "we're still open". People would fall over from wind stepping out of the building etc - was madness. Went down to the ticket booth and asked, and was told "No refund! No credit! Pay again tomorrow." Standard practice?
  3. Sadly I was there the day before yesterday and there were no monsters!! I got almost to the very top (1 lift short) but had to turn around due to conditions. The rain has melted them all away. My eyes rained too...
  4. Fair call! I'm taking the train up from Tokyo to Sapporo, and I'm doing a couple of days at Zao. From what I've read, Appi seems better than Zao in most respects. Is there somewhere better in the area? I've got almost 50 days, so I'm hitting, in order, Hakuba, Myoko, Zao, Appi, Hakkoda (1 day), Furano, Kiroro, Rusutsu, Niseko. It's sorta like a big path, and I'm solo after Myoko and before Niseko. So - should I go somewhere else? Shizukuishi is in the same direction as Appi, but I've read that it gets icy - yuck!
  5. Sorry! It is the official website of Appi Kogen though - thought it would be ok... Never again! Yes sadly - Mutti will only do 2-people to a room. For a poor lonely lad, we're talking having to pay for both beds. Anyone want to share? I don't smell too badly. Also lil miss slagfart exists - no touchy!
  6. Hey cold boyz/gurlz, I'm trying to find accommodation in Appi. I've dug up the Pension Village, except from what I can see, nowhere will do a single bed for less than 8,000 yen a night. Am I missing something? Even in Niseko I found a reasonable bed for about 5000. Can anyone recommend anything? THANKS!
  7. Fewer places and more time in each - okey dokey! Appreciate the advice My revised tour: 25 to 29 Jan Hakuba (4 days) 29 Jan to 2 Feb Myoko Kogen (4 days) 4 to 6 Feb Zao Onsen (3 days) 7 to 9 Feb Appi Kogen (3 days) 10 Feb Hakkoda (1 day - tour) 13 to 16 Feb Furano (4 days) 17 to 19 Feb Kiroro (3 days) 20 to 24 Feb Rusutsu (5 days) 25 Feb to 10 Mar Niseko (14 days) Prior to 4th of Feb and after 26th of Feb I'll have company on those mountains, so they're not flexible. But I really wanted to see Tohoku, and it sounds like Fura/Kiro/Rusu all have something unique on offer. So, w
  8. Jeez, a week? It's that good eh? I've never done backcountry before, and I'll be solo for that part of the trip, so everything I've read says I'll need a guide to tackle Hakkoda. Are they right or can I have some fun on the cheap by myself after the first day? Secondly, are you sure I should still make time for it? You've said a week, but that means I'll have to drop a couple of places. What about 2-3 days for it? If you think it's worth dropping another place for it, what should I drop?
  9. Actually I'm trying to do most of my travelling at night. I think about 3 days of travel are in there, but the rest are days off. All this boarding will be hard work!
  10. One last Q - how big of a deal is Hakkoda? Looks like I'll have to go out of my way for it. Depending on the review, it's either god's gift to snowboarding, or a shitty scam for the overstoked. I'll be going on Feb 10th, so winter will still be in full swing.
  11. Ugh - I've used the nick online since I was 13 (half a lifetime ago!) and I'm yet to get comfortable with anything less juvenile! I promise I won't stink out the hooded chair.
  12. Thanks buddy! Checked the JR timetables and you're right. So, with a minor tweak, I present my silly odyssey: Jan 25 to 29 Hakuba Jan 30 to Feb 2 Myoko Kogen Feb 4 to 6 Zao Feb 7 to 9 Appi Kogen Feb 10 Hakkoda Feb 12 Sapporo Kokusai Feb 14 to 15 Furano Feb 16 to 17 Kamui Links Feb 19 to 21 Kiroro Feb 22 to 24 Rutsuru Feb 25 to Mar 10 Niseko I know I'm floating around like a lost dog, but I'm really keen to work in Japan for a couple of years, and with the exception of Nozawa Onsen, I think I've hit up pretty much every big resort in the country. Will definitely factor into my
  13. Awww. Someone told me Rusutsu was the promised land Powderhounds loves it, but I'm not going with enough people to be confident off-piste. Speaking of which, would there be a backcountry community I could lean on? I'm really keen to try it, but I'm solo for so long that I'm doubting it would be worth buying the equipment. Thoughts?
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