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  1. Thanks for the tip. I asked my wife about takkyubin. We may do that next time.
  2. Hi all. This is my trip report from my recent ski adventure to Nozawa. This is my fourth year in a row that I've been to Nozawa. Like the three previous trips, we would spend three days in Nozawa, two of those skiing. Let me start this off by saying that I'm pretty much a beginner. I just started skiing four years ago and have about 12 days total skiing. We stick to the beginner and intermediate trails, and always stay on the trails. Let me also thank Snowjapan for the lift tickets. Snowjapan sent them to our hotel and they were waiting for me when we arrived. It was much app
  3. I've done this trip. It's great fun to see the monkeys. I'm not for sure if its the only way to get there but when we went it was quite a walk to get to see them. The path was covered in snow and I wasn't wearing the correct shoes. We all still had a great time.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I just joined. I've been to Nozawa in late Feb. the last three years. We skied two days each trip and had only one day out of those six that was not great, light rain and wind. Going back this year in a couple of weeks and hoping for the same weather.
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