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  1. Did some research middle of last year and Samsung was and probably is the brand of choice if you want a smart TV. LG, Panasonic and Sony would appear to be the next best. Ended up with a UA55ES6200. It's a beauty but the mistake I made was to save $200 and miss out on the Dual Core.
  2. For a laser printer I went for BROTHER HL2130 Mono Laser Printer. I paid about $100. I see it's now about half that price. I've had it more than 2 years and only replaced the toner once. http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XP9213/brother-hl2130-mono-laser-printer?CAWELAID=859329597&kw={keyword}&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CMXwj52AlbcCFU0ipQodQnwAeg
  3. Printer ink is even more expensive than vintage champagne. Buy one that doesn't go through excessive amounts of ink. If you can do without colour, a mono laser printer is much cheaper than an inkjet. Then go to a print shop to print photos or anything in colour.
  4. OK. There is still 1.5m of snow there (in Ichinose) at the moment. The problem is when we went most of the lifts were shut during the week - which was kind of OK for the first 2 days until the kids learnt to ski, but by then it was virtually the weekend anyway. Anyway, if you are going during the official season that won't be a problem. There are 20 ski areas in Shiga Kogen so you could certainly do 10 days or so before you've skiied it all. The other thing about Shiga Kogen is there's no nightlife to speak of, other than what goes on in your hotel or the occasional Izakaya. Which is f
  5. Hi Wombat-san, having just been to Shiga Kogen for 5.5 days I can answer that. One question I would ask you up front though is are you planning on going this season or next? The thing is, there are only a limited number of lifts open now that we past March.
  6. 46. New Zealand Australia Jordon Egypt Israel England Scotland Wales Ireland Northern Ireland Netherlands Belgium Italy The Vatican Greece Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Croatia Slovenia France Spain Portugal Austria Switzerland Germany Denmark Russia Poland Czech Republic
  7. 10 matches it is then. Would have been less than that if he'd kept his mouth shut.
  8. Manager's strong influence needed now. Rooney's learned to behave.
  9. My dad reckons 10 matches. He doesn't think more than the standard 3 however. Should have kept his mouth shut. Difficult one for Liverpool. Cash in and sell him in the close season or keep him and hope he starts to behave better?
  10. Just got back from Shiga Kogen. Will write a review in due course but thought I'd share a joke I learnt there. Shiroi Inu ga imasu. Kao ga Shiroi Ashi ga Shiroi Mimi ga Shiroi Onaka ga Shiroi O mo Shiroi. Deliver it well and you'll have most japanese in stitches!
  11. Is it possible to see the snow monkeys after a day on the slopes? Say setting off at 3PM?
  12. Thanks David and Tubby. It's not so much the snow conditions. It's more the practicality of getting around when much of the lift system is closed. We're only there for 5 days and there's the snow monkeys and onsens if we need something to do after skiing.
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