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  1. Does anybody use Bluetooth headphones? What do you think of them? Does the sound cut in and out? Not as crisp as standard headphones? I'm looking at some Sennheiser and Beats by Dre which are Bluetooth, but haven't ever tried a pair and don't have any friends who have any either, so I'd love to hear some feedback! I will be using them in the office for what it's worth.
  2. You definitely take beautiful photos and if that is one of your main reasons then I understand, but I don't take photos on the mountain because I can't be bothered to haul a camera around!!
  3. Seems like an interesting idea, I imagine many little ones might like that idea when they first start off.
  4. Ok, so you're thinking blizzard, while I'm just thinking constant snowfall. I think they're quite different, don't you? I don't want lifts shut or visibility to be zero, because then we can't really consider it skiing. Just that nice constant snowfall while skiing and riding the lifts is very peaceful.
  5. That's like saying I want to go surfing, but I don't want any waves. Though with kids I understand that. Not for me personally though.
  6. What's not to love about Niseko? It's an amazing resort with deep and dry powder, and it often feels like it just doesn't stop snowing. I would love to go again this season!
  7. Please share them! The information here is second to none, learn how to search idiot.
  8. I've seen some nice tree runs at Appi, I'd like to get up there myself one of these days.
  9. I was only considering my short season of Dec - March, so I guess it is a good deal, especially if you ski most weekends.
  10. Had some great days out there myself Kansaiash. Thigh deep, and not many people there skiing trees, so just perfect. Interesting application.
  11. I use Mytracks for cycling, but haven't ever considered one for skiing. Why do you need one for skiing? Know how much vert you skied? Speed? Distance? What's the appeal?
  12. By law we are Allred required to pay, NHK was smart enough to bribe some politician to get it passed as a law, but too stupid to think that the law must be enforced, so there is nothing that NHK can do to you to make you pay for it. We don't pay, and unless the law changes, we never will.
  13. I think so, too. My biggest concern is if they're mislabeling food, what about what goes in it and if people might have allergies to it. Surely if they're just as stupid to lie about what it is, then they're dumb enough to lie about ingredients, too.
  14. I rode just over 40K today and it was still wet from all the rain we had yesterday, so came home a bit wet and muddy. The air didn't seem so clear here today, it was decent weather but the visibility was crap. I did get to see a pretty big inoshishi today and an itachi, which was really cute. I thought that would've run away faster than the inoshishi but it didn't.
  15. I'd prefer Beats by Dr Dre personally! You know he and Snoop Lion are smoking mad blunts and sippin on gin&juice in the gondola!
  16. 7 man? Wow! Quite pricy isn't it? No early bird discount? How much would the bus cost each way to and from Teine?
  17. Fukushogun? Only the assistant to the Shogun? Can't be any good now can it? I tried Kamotsuri? the other night at a nabe party and really enjoyed it, but don't remember if that's the name of it or not.
  18. I didn't know that. Beats by Dre are pretty sweet sounding. I don't really listen to music on the mountain, but sometimes I wish I did when they blast that godawful J-pop over the speakers that would make The Who envious. I despise that about resorts.
  19. Doh, totally set myself up there, so have at it!
  20. Drinking the Kohaku Ebisu tonight myself as Jiji brought me a sixer last weekend. I like it.
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