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  1. I have gotten back into mountain biking and doing kettlebells again and feel much better because of it. I've barely lost any of my spare tire but I feel so much better, have more energy, and my stress has decreased, too! A win win situation for sure. Now, if I could just drop 10 kgs I'd be even happier :) bring on the ski season!

  2. The biggest difference I guess is that in the northern part of Japan, mixed onsens are not uncommon, but they are in the middle of Honshu. You've generally got to look for one and go out of your way if you want to go in with your missus (and other people).


    I like outdoor ones and generally have to be wet or cold or something to want to pay to go in an indoor one. We have an onsen style bath at home, so I like people getting money from me to outdo that. Its like paying a restaurant for food you can make better yourself.


    I'm not a massive fan of the free ones at Nozawa because most of them are too cramped. The one closest to the place we normally stay only has a tiny wooden lattice to get changed on and its right at the door with people coming in and out. No showers either, so its a case of squatting down by the bath and trying to scoop water out without disturbing someone in the bath or right next to it getting changed. An ordinary 400 yen onsen somewhere else with a changing room and showers is more relaxing.


    Mr. Wiggles, I found more mixed onsen down in Kyushu and up in Hokkaido than here on Honshu. I have seen kashikiri places around Hinshu proper but not many mixed onsen unfortunately.

  3. Lots of politicians seem to go on for a long time.

    Hardly low pressure either.

    Certain type of person for sure.


    (Obviously the main thing being that they want to do everything they possibly can for the general public).


    It seems most of them spend all their time going to Kinosaki Onsen, so it can't be that busy or stressful!

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