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  1. Anyone have an idea how big the cliff was - from video or terrain image?
  2. I must have got the wrong thread - but you silly sausage - the cream / custard filled pastry things
  3. If his intent is as intense as his eyes, he will surely make a difference
  4. And teachers who work with snotty nose kids don't need sick days anyways. You don't get colds / flus when you've had the flu needle.
  5. What are working conditions re: sick days in Japan?
  6. Saw 12 years a Slave on plane back to OZ but missed the last 10 minutes or so. Spoiler alert - Also watched The Hobbit - similar to others and lost a lot of effects with small screens in cattle class.
  7. Niseko Crows Another one of Yotei - from behind Lawsons. Going to try and get a good nighta pic too - hopefully as good as your previous one Kokodoko.
  8. Mikepow claims no snow on the forecast till the WE for round here. WTF. Hope he's wrong - but doubt it. Still getting the goods but having to work for it.
  9. Today was good conditions for Shiribetsu - great day - a few out there and still good snow. The forecast reckons snow, starting around lunch time tomoz and into the afternoon. Keen if conditions OK - don't have car tho and staying at resort.
  10. Snowboarding - jumps and rails course on at moment. I think the Brit is in first place at mo
  11. Looking forward to riding by the weekend too. Will meet up for sure - somewhere ?
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