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  1. Sad to hear. I have really enjoyed the forums and valued all the information and knowledge freely offered. Learn't heaps. Good to hear that I will still be able to view existing threads but will miss the interaction with other SJr's. All the best for the new direction
  2. yep. awesome - btw still working on my go pro footage but tio better trained that our two. Renovation works holding things up - but moving along nicely
  3. What is the difference? Burton wise - for the average joe. Is the nug a shorter board mainly making resort/ piste riding more fun but handles powder due to reverse camber? (As Ippy suggests - quiver killer) Lets say your optimum board length is similar to Ippy at 156-158. But the fishcuit aimed at being a short powder specific board / s profile, setback, etc and possibly downsized from 156-158 , more at tree riding off piste (more responsive due to size rather than upsizing to a standard / stiff fish which would bomb deep powder days but due to stiffness, could be less manoeuvrab
  4. Something light hearted - enjoying "fools" when I get a chance to watch. Mr.T comparing on people doing stupid stuff which usually involves pain.
  5. It was just a thought - the rules are probably for the best. If the trip eventuates may have to use public transport - just really liked the idea of having the freedom with having a vehicle. Over here, I reckon a couple cartons of beer would fix the rego / insurance issues with certain people. Who likes aki aji?
  6. Just went for a bush walk up the hills behind where I work - have been meaning to do so for years - was an enjoyable way of getting some exercise
  7. I just did some costing on hiring a car/ van, maybe for next trip with the idea to explore some out of the way places. It's might be a last minute organise for a snow holiday this season but could be for an extended period. I put in the dates at 23 dec to 23 march and one site came back with a cost of about $6 - 7 k au, approx 600000 yen I think. This got me thinking, maybe just buy a car then sell it when leaving. A lot of backpakers on longer holidays do that over here. Next the web search on how to costs involved/buying a car in Japan - the gist of it was that it is a major pita to
  8. Hope to use this info one day, hopefully sooner than later, appreciate the efforts for improvement
  9. I thought someone posted a video of skiing inthe streets of Tokyo around the time there was that big snowfall last seaon , when it snowed over a metre in a few days
  10. That is a concern Δ Then a toss up between pair of black frayed edge session pants and a grungy olive green Katmandu thermal - wish I could say it was my helicopter!
  11. It could be considered a bit old fashion in this day and age - but - I do enjoy a game of cards. A friends mother showed me how to play Canasta although I never really understood. Just recently I down loaded it to my phone and have enjoyed learning / playing. Does any one else enjoy a card game and are there card games specific to countries re: where did bridge originate from & do you need to be a certain age to play / or just be able to score?
  12. I was wondering what this all about - but saw a Samsung smartwatch on the tv this morning. One of those things would last 2 minutes with me - they look too fragile for what I do & where would you wear one. Out to dinner or social event?
  13. yah. awesome stuff tio & chris, for sticking with ya mate. & good luck wth the next one. Is it going to be a working dog as discussed? Yee haa
  14. I've thought about an Aussie, too. But they tend to be way too pushy and unruly. I'm wrestling with the idea of going for a proven working Border Collie from a breeder up in Hokkaido who breeds for stock work. Most of the dogs in Japan are pretty far removed from working lines thus they make good pets which is great for the owners but not so good for the breed itself. The problem is.... dogs from a working history are EXPENSIVE.....!! Also, the breeders are a little more discerning who buys their dogs and what they are going to be used for. Tio comes from a sports line and he was look
  15. Great to hear he's doing better. We looked at the blue merles, browns & I think Australian shepherds - but chose the traditional black n whites for the ones we got now. All good tho. Trying to hook a go pro up to their harnesses at mo to see what it looks like from a dogs perspective when catching/ chasing a frisbee/ ball - should be a bit of fun
  16. From the title - was thinking something about Lynard Skynard but smelly co workers - ew
  17. Use to have HP sauce & black pudding with Sunday morn fry up when growing up. Yummy then and still thoroughly enjoy it with a fry up and especially with cold sausages although haven't had the ecci thump for a while. Really good that HP.
  18. You could teach him how to drive the cruiser !
  19. I may be old but I reckon I could beat you young whippersnappers down the hill - now just hang on a minute while I sort this ratchet / clamp thingy on my boot.
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