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  1. As you add more WiFi devices you will get more collisions and degradation of the network. that and it's way harder to troubleshoot a wireless network than a wired one. Plus, given the large size of media files, wired connections will always be noticeably much faster and fewer headaches. Best to hard wire everything you can (TVs, Desktop computers, etc) to minimize the load on the wireless. Your network will thank you later
  2. here's the full monty: imbed attempt: <object width="[url=""]425[/url]" height="[url=""]355[/url]"><param name="[url=""]movie[/url]" value="[url=""]http://youtube.com/v/[/url][url="http://www.youtube.com/embed/v_gtdez9u4k"]v_gtdez9u4k[/url]"></param><param name="[url=""]wmode[/url]" value="[url=""]transparent[/url]"></param><embed src="[url="view-source:http://youtube.com/v/yed9PLVeVys"]http://youtube.com/v/yed9PLVeVys[/url]" type="[url=""]application/x-shockwave-flash[/url]" wmode="[url=""]transparent[/url]" width="[url=""]425[/url]" height="[url=
  3. Bombs away! And I remember that cornice run, you three dropping in - no worries - - I was waiting for you to go so I could knock the cornices off with someone below to appreciate the effect Killer day!
  4. Thanks. That's really my decorator's doing. Nice look, eh? Unless you are really parked in my front yard, looking in the window. Never know with you.
  5. Hey, Mag7, pretty stupendous angry birds displays of ballistics and gravity and magic disappearing tricks. no doubt. And photobombing my videos too? when will the madness stop?
  6. Yea, good times, Gozimaas! Let's break out the skins soon.. And Mag7 holy hell nice drop! I managed to kick off a very small slide on a short steep and deep bump in the trees on bowl 5 (i think) - whiteout from behind! will have to check if it shows up on the gopro..
  7. Great vid! threw in a forward somersault for the camera, too. was that in the bowls?
  8. how are you getting the screen grabs, BTW? just pulling from the movies or is there some GoPro feature I'm missing? And good to hear your riding bud made it back thanks to you. awesome.
  9. youtube has pretty decent online video editing. just sux you'd need to upload the whole thing to edit it down. never a dull moment, eh?
  10. This Chuo bus doesn't. right to Niseko. Kaos was my middle name, but I changed it to "The". BTW, is there anywhere to stay for cheap in Rusutsu? Totally heading there next chance..
  11. Thanks for the replies. Been to Rusutsu and it was great. Teine on Monday sounds cool, too. For sure, NOT Niseko is good advise. and fortunately, the chicks are inter-sufficient, so ditchable, but only at the same resort.. However, I've already committed to the bus/Niseko, so looking for particular info on what part of the mountain to head to if, for example, the top is on wind-hold. And which gates are good and accessible in that case? Or tree areas inbounds that satisfy.. Lifts? Runs?, etc. And what's the chances of my Chuo bus getting stuck/canceled? It's dumping in Sapporo now,
  12. Any Beta info on Niseko for Friday and Saturday? From the looks of the isobars on that approaching storm, it'll be hecka windy.. I'm taking a bus from Sapporo, arriving Niseko welcome center 11amish Friday. and riding Saturday, too. Anyone interested in meeting up in Niseko Friday Noonish? I'm traveling with (intermediate) girlfriend and her (beginner) friend, but if the snow is too perfect, I want to be tempted to blast off for something steeper and deeper. Any suggestions for which lift / runs to head to? And should I bring the skins and avy gear or will the Sidecountry be all
  13. might be worth looking into getting amateur radio licenses. there are several Japanese manufacturers of amateur 2m and 440mhz radios that are cheap and would work reasonably well for BC and resort. not sure how hard it is to get a jp license. sometimes it's easier to get it abroad and get a permit for use in a different country. I have my US ham license and have used it for reciprocity when traveling overseas (once upon a time..)
  14. I second that radios are an amazing safety tool - especially on powder days. in areas where lift accessible tree-wells are a hazard, first one down to the bottom of the lift gives a radio yell to the partner. often on a big, deep day, they are stuck somewhere and working their way out. then the call is to wait or make another run instead of waiting. and if there's no answer, hop up the lift and retrace tracks down to look for them. super efficient way to crush max pow while looking out for your buds. it's possible to have friends on a pow day - and much easier if you have radios
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