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  1. Thanks guys, you're imput in greatly appreciated, very glad I joined this forum. Definitely some good thoughts for me to start looking into. A lesson or two will be a must I'm sure, as powder is defintily something I want to try. Cheers all
  2. Thanks to everyone for your posts it's much appreciated. In response to Go Native, let's get a bit more specific. I'm travelling on my own over there, and have set aside 10days for the trip. My main goal is to obviously snowboard as much as possible, I don't need off piste, expert runs anything like that. Just some nicer snow than down in NZ. I think it would be a shame not to see some of the culture whilst I am there and get a feel for Japan, would be good to take a day out to go and do some sightseeing.. Accomodation I'm not too fussed about to be honest, as long as it is comfortabl
  3. Sorry guys I should be more specific yes, like I said new to this. What I would like from this trip is obviously a whole lot
  4. Hi Guys So I'm completely new to this forum and pretty new to snow sports. Been down in NZ a couple times this year snowboarding, first time ever, but I really got the bug, hence why I went back again not long after my return. I'd like to take a trip away this winter (northern hemisphere), I live in Oz, and pretty much everyone I speak to says go to Japan. Basically, like I said I'm a beginner at snowboarding, and I want to get over to Japan. So any information on where would be good to go, time of year, places to stay would be hugely appreciated. I am doing my own research but I f
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