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  1. Not sure if this will get removed or not due to forum rules but....
  2. Was a good read/watch Gozaimass - looks like it was an EPIC trip. Good luck back in the real world!
  3. The long range forecast (16 day) is looking sucky for Honshu IMO, not much on the horizon.... Spring switch been flicked?
  4. I got Jackson Hole, Cat/Heli in BC, AK or Russia, and a euro trip to one of the big resorts (Val d'Islere/Tignes, 3 Valleys, etc. on my list.
  5. へThis Hiked Mai-Furunodake on Sunday, it had the goods! Was DEEP as soon as you got off the ridge. Pic from where we dropped in, vis was not ideal for photos
  6. With you on that GB.. Luckily (unluckily?) they shut the blinds in the office so I can't see out after ~10am.. 8 days till I am on snow again...
  7. Yodobashi Camera sell them (still have the GP2) and you can also order online through GoPro Japan. RRP is JYP40k for the Black but nowhere has them in stock atm; mid Feb is the expected shipping date. Been a few lost in the hills already this winter.. might have a better chance getting one with a shovel rather than a credit card.
  8. Heading up to Hakuba this weekend, plan is to hit Cortina/Norikura on Saturday and go for a hike on Sunday, probably off Tsugaike.
  9. I'm heading up to Nozawa for the long weekend to meet us with some traveling mates. Hoping that Saturday night / Sunday morning produces a bit of fresh, but going to be bloody busy up there regardless.
  10. Back in '08 the AU$ was worth more that 100JPY, for a time in March/April and September I think. Then it dove to 59JPY to the AU$ in Feb/Mar '09, just as we moved here... My bet is that the AU$ continue to climb to >100JPY by April '13 (when we are heading back to Oz)
  11. Tend to agree with your review BM, I got the 160 hovercraft split (thinking I should have gone 156..), only been on it for 3 days (2 hiking and 1 resort) and still need to do some set-up tweeking I think.. Like you, found it great when you could open it right up and let it run but had a few issues when it was tight. Thought it handled hard pack/groomers really well too. A mate I was riding with has the solid hovercraft 160 and loved every bit of it, he was ripping the tighter stuff.. He also has a fish but rated the hover higher.
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