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  1. Yeah thanks for the heads up. Apparently Iwatake should be a good option if Cortina is closed.
  2. In Hakuba and loving it.. Dumping down at the moment, gonna hit some fresh tracks at cortina tomorrow.. Whoo!
  3. Haha, we've booked in there! Booked it before I even read this.. great glad it's good.. and wtf, trannies?! Yeah got three days in Tokyo after the boarding, based around Shinjuku. Thanks for the info on how to get there but I really wanna experience a bullet-train so gonna stick with the Shink. Flying out in 14 hours.. time to pack!
  4. Great info all, thanks very much for the responses. I think we'll book the Chuo taxi as they can take our board bags and definitely get the Shink on the way back - can't visit Japan and not travel on a bullet-train! Thanks to the feedback. Pleased to hear there's a big system on the way - hopefully it holds. Thanks again for the info - incredibly useful.
  5. First post for me, mods please move this if it's in the wrong place. Myself and four others are heading to Hakuba from London in about a weeks time and I'd really appreciate some help from people who've been there and done it. We arrive early in the morning into Narita (landing 09:15) and want to make our way to Hakuba as quickly as possible. I've done some extensive reading and it seems the two most viable ways of getting there quickly are by the Shinkansen/bus via Nagano, or by Chuo taxi. The transport issues I have are; Shinkansen: have belatedly realised that we're landing j
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