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  1. Yes the Yuzawa Yuki Matsuri one. I enjoyed the summer matsuri last year so I think this one will be fun too. http://www.yuzawaonsen.jp/yukimaturi.html Also read some where that one of the shops close to the station (not Ponshukan) will have a small Sake festival too. Good to warm up a bit before the big onein Niigata.
  2. I'll be in Yuzawa, not sure I'll be skiing right away but I'll enjoy the Matsuri.
  3. Great picsmuikabochi! I know I'll try Iwappara atleast once as I'll be staying there most of the time. I can even see my place in one of the pics! Now I can't wait to get there. Will be interesting to compare to Iwappara/Yuzawa in summertime.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIl45f6i1PU
  5. So Muikabochi, would you say that Maiko is the place to try out if staying in Yuzawa? I still have to make plans and also convince the lady that skiing is fun. Maiko looks really great and seems easy enough to get to from Yuzawa or Iwappara.
  6. Oh, sounds great, I'll keep my eyes peeled. I spent a few weeks in Yuzawa in August but March will be the first time when the ski slopes are open so I hope I can try atleast a few resorts unless the Yen-rate stops me...
  7. Will be in Yuzawa in March but I can't find a way to change my birthday so I guess I have to pay for my lift tickets.
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