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  1. Probably mostly Kawaba with some White World Oze Iwakura, Houdaigi and Kagura mixed in. Might check out a few Yuzawa / Muikamachi skijos I haven't been to (Maybe Maiko , Hakkaisan, Iwappara and or Gala) Might also make a trip into Nagano to go to either Hakuba, Nozawa or the elusive Charmant Hiuchi depending on how much free time I have. Might also just get on the Tenjin Gondola now to ensure I'm up there by the end of winter.
  2. That was fast! It is Kagura. From Shiragamon across from Tanigawa. Your turn X Nova!
  3. What skijo is in the background of this picture? It is a bit hard to see so I will post a close-up soon. (If no one gets it first )
  4. Didn't realize they were that close together! I'll post something tonight.
  5. I'll go with Hakkaisan, but have no idea and am all for another hint.
  6. I think Hakuba might be the best spot for you, but if you are looking for a change up, Kawaba in Gunma might be a good option. The proximity to Tokyo tends to attract a lot of good young park riders on the weekend. Kawaba has a pretty nice rail section every year. I am a pretty good rider and most of the rails intimidate me. It also has a nice wall section before the rail section. It also is a nice place on a powder day. SJ Kawaba page. http://snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/gunma/kawaba/kawaba
  7. I don't technically live in Numata, but I live really close. Only takes me about 25 minutes to get to Kawaba Skijo this time of year (that time usually increases a bit in winter though ).
  8. Here are a couple shots of Kawaba Skijo from my house the last two mornings. Probably not all that much snow, but still exciting to see
  9. Marunuma in Gunma opens on the 22nd of November using snow machines. It is not far from Tokyo but requires a car or a bus ride. Kagura in Niigata should also be open and is easier to get to. Both have nice hot springs in the area and the views are nice. As long as you're not expecting knee deep powder (or natural snow), they could be fun.
  10. I know it can obviously vary by season, but what is Kagura like mid-December? I usually wait till at least late December to start the season so I have never been that early. I imagine it would have more snow than anything else in the area but is it usually "full coverage" or more stick to the runs? I would imagine the valley beside the Kagura area would be a no go, but I really don't know.
  11. Nozawa has a nice "authentic" Japanese feel. Really nice little hot spring town. I would imagine they would have English instructors, but I'm not sure. Also don't know about the cross country skiing. Never been to Hakuba so can't really compare the two. Tell us all how it goes. What you want matches up a lot with what I'm looking for in a snow trip (minus the cross country skiing). Would love to hear how things go!
  12. I think Kawaba would be the best balance of a nice skijo with good snow not too far away if you are going by car. Just try to avoid going home Sunday night if possible. If you have to go back Sunday I recommend taking a hot spring, eating some dinner and taking it slow on the way home. Yuzawa is another great option but the tolls would be higher. Might also look into Naeba and Kagura. You can exit the Kanetsu in Tsukiyono and drive 45 minutes up the 17. Kawaba is one exit closer to you (Numata) and only 20 minutes from there. I would probably hit Kawaba first then consider other places later.
  13. Maru-634 - I have actually never bought the joint ticket because I live so close by and one is definitely enough for one day . The reason to buy would be to be able to stay in the Naeba area but be able to easily access Kagura. Also I heard the views are nice. You can also take a free bus back to Naeba if you stay to late in the Kagura area. That all said I agree with what you said. Those are just the reasons I could think of to buy the joint ticket.
  14. +1 for Yuzawa especially Naeba/Kagura (both can be ridden on one ticket). I know you said you aren't going for hot springs, but might as well get in after the slopes while you are there
  15. Minakami in Gunma could be the place you are looking for. Takaragawa Onsen is one of the most beautiful outdoor baths I have ever been to. It is also close to Houdaigi which is a pretty nice hill! Here is a link to Houdaigi's Snow Japan page and a picture of Takaragawa below. The baths are maybe a 15 minute drive from the slopes. I think there are very near by Ryokans to the slopes as well. I should also mention that there really isn't anything town wise near Houdaigi just some restaurants and a small food store I think. It really is just the skijos hot springs and Ryokans. The center of Minak
  16. Just looked at Muikabochi's Iwappara photos............When is winter coming!?!?!?!?
  17. Also in Yuzawa I might consider Muikamachi Ski Resort. I wrote this review on it last year. Lots of kids and really no one going that fast (except me ) when I was there. http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resort-reviews/detail/2042 Might also consider Yuzawa Nakazato. not sure if they have a magic carpet though. Also wrote a review for that one. Might not be as nice for the kid in some ways but it is wider. It was also more fun than Muikamachi for me and probably other intermediate/advanced riders. http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resort-reviews/detail/1961 I've never been
  18. Tenjindaira in Gunma on a bluebird day would make an excellent proposal spot. Also pretty easy to get to from Tokyo. http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/23653-tanigawadake-tenjindaira-minakami-gunma-24th-january-2014/page__hl__tenjindaira__fromsearch__1
  19. Looking into it a little more price has kind of become an inhibiting factor. On top of the prices for the lifts you also have to pay for parking and to ride a bus which adds around 2,000 yen to the price. Still want to go one of these years put probably won't make it this year. I might end up climbing the same mountain from the other side in the next couple of months. Will post some pics if I do.
  20. Cool ger! I climbed up Shibutsu in Oze yesterday and boarded down but that doesn't compare to Fuji. I said I would never climb Fuji again unless it was with family members who haven't done it but I would make an exception if snowboarding was involved
  21. Plus one for gozaimaas's response. My wife wears padding too. I think she got hers in Japan. Not sure for how much.
  22. I imagine myself walking up to the ridge line and ripping down one of those chutes like a boss I would probably be going more for the views and the hiking but snowboarding down would beat walking!
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