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  1. If you are an advanced park rider then happo banks is a joke! Hakuba 47 park has more advanced lines but still nothing compared to what you are probably used to in Summit county Colorado. Niseko basically has nothing to offer in the way of a park. Hakuba would be way more suitable for what you are looking for.
  2. Done the nihonkai route from Niigata to Hokkaido a few times in winter and it's always been fine. Cheap, clean and the beds are comfortable enough.
  3. On a pow day Cortina is rammed and done by 9:30am Norikura lasts an hour or 2 longer. Iwatake is..... Nowhere near as good as Tsugaike.
  4. My body is the oldest piece of kit that I still use. It's got a few seasons left in it I hope.....
  5. Myoko area for sure if you haven't been there already. Not small but not big either. Suginohara and Akakan would be the pick of the resorts there I'd say.
  6. My old local resort of Keystone, plus a few other resorts in Summit County Colorado got snow a few days ago.... A little earlier than usual...... Could this be Snowdude's ice age??....
  7. Hi David. Still no reply from them. I will mail you after work today. Thanks.
  8. Looking for budget accommodation near White World Oze. Looks like not much up there, other than the pricey resort hotel.... Has anyone stayed at or know of any cheap pensions nearby?
  9. How close is the village to Oze White World? Katashina Onsen is the closest place?
  10. Yeah, I saw that place and mailed them to ask about prices and stuff, but they didn't get back to me. How was the place Oyaji? Was it about 7000 yen per night?
  11. 60 meters long, 2.5 meters high. Yeah, about 4 hits. Like a mini ramp then. Doesn't even look like it has any vert in the tranny in your initial photos Still, I'm sure it would be fun to session...... Especially when it's 35 degrees outside!
  12. The indoor pipe looks almost fun! Any idea on the exact size/dimensions? I'd guess it's long enough for 4 hits max, right?
  13. How tall and heavy are you see more? 83Kgs 5'11 I used to ride a 156 Fish and my Birdman is 160 (If they made it smaller I would buy a smaller one) so will be interesting hey! I'm 5'11 and 76 kgs. Currently riding a 156 Fish myself. I was very close to getting the 151. I'm tempted to pull the plug and get the Fishcuit 148 before this coming season .....
  14. How tall and heavy are you see more?
  15. I would like one of those myself. Need to try one out first though
  16. I wanna try one for sure Where are they going cheap? $329 Backcountry but am trying to get one from UK as well That's a reasonable price for sure Add shipping and duty from the States and it becomes not so great ......... Think I'll stick with my regular 156 Fish for at least another season Would like to try the Fishcuit if I get a chance.
  17. I wanna try one for sure Where are they going cheap?
  18. Exactly. Rusutsu would be my second pick. Kokusai and Kiroro third and fourth
  19. Can anyone fill me in as to what exactly happened to Arai Ski Resort and spa? As far as I understand, it was built around 10 years ago by Sony, operated for a few seasons before going bankrupt. Now it is just another abandoned ski resort rotting away on the landscape..... Does this sound about right? Did anyone ride there when it was operating? Has anyone been there since it closed? Any information would be much appreciated. Neck.
  20. Will take some more snaps and put them here
  21. Looking into it a little more price has kind of become an inhibiting factor. On top of the prices for the lifts you also have to pay for parking and to ride a bus which adds around 2,000 yen to the price. Still want to go one of these years put probably won't make it this year. I might end up climbing the same mountain from the other side in the next couple of months. Will post some pics if I do. Coming from your neck of the woods it sounds like it wouldn't be worth the effort and expense. Next season is just around the corner though
  22. Been almost a year since I went to check this place out. I hope to get back there pretty soon and see what difference a year has made.


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