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  1. I love the new Coldplay CD. And usually I don't really like them at all.
  2. Kiroro: 5 Niseko Annupuri: 6 Niseko Grand Hirafu: 8 (+) Niseko Hanazono: 3 Niseko Village: 5 Rusutsu: 8 Moiwa gone
  3. I think I heard on the news at the end of the season that it was up on the previous year, though can't remember any details.
  4. I didn't know that! Yogo Kogen Yap is very much border Shiga Pref. and Fukui Pref. but I think almost all in Shiga.
  5. Yes that is nice. I like Appi. Want to go back this season.
  6. Great photos! I tried taking photo last year of fireworks, it was complete disaster. Quite funny actually.
  7. I won't have detail plan until really before but i want to go Alts Urabandai Nekoma Zao Norikura Kawaba
  8. I think so. Thanks for the post Metabo Oyaji, omoshiroi. I had not heard the places.
  9. Yes, perhaps we can meet up next time! My friend is doing well now. Pity there's no snow left.
  10. I like Tazawako area a lot actually, it's lovely up there. Just a bit far unfortunately.
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