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  1. They lasted really well actually. Will ask for some more if you don't mind.
  2. Too early for dates. I'll decide much closer to the time. But I definitely want to get to: - Nozawa - Myoko - Minakami
  3. Great stuff. And to see them all in the gallery together good idea http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/gallery/album/85-emergency-telephone-box/
  4. I got some sent out to my brother in the US and he got them no problem. Going to stick them in a few places over there in season.
  5. Just gave them a go. And posting using it now. Looks good on my iphone.
  6. Mad numbers! Like the refreshed look and good to take out places that were dormant I reckon. Especially for someone like me who had no idea!
  7. I hate raw fish. No problems with food. Tons of stuff I love.
  8. I'll try some of your beer. Go get making it!
  9. We decided on Wadanonomori I think. Still not picked a place, in the process now.
  10. I think lots of the gaijin execs living in their luxury bubble lifestyle simply aren't really interested in Japan. It's as if they are not here, just taking advantage of all those lovely perks they get living in a world that isn't real. They're almost like a rank below Fairweather Friends. Good riddens I say.
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