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  1. Yes Ski will definitely make a day trip every now and then. Snowbender. Will resell the car. The difference in price per day for accommodation and ski-pass between staying somewhere short-term or semi long-term is significant enough to take that gamble. Main plan is get a base with season pass and do some random trips. Maybe that dream will not happen, but the powder base will:)
  2. Tubby Beaver, That is the plan indeed. Other resorts are not too far for a day trip. We'll also buy a small car so we'll be able to move around.
  3. I realize that. Therefore am only looking at resorts that do like the Myoko area.
  4. Tubby Beaver, True indeed. Myoko for example has a big 4 season pass, unfortunately Seki Onsen isn't in it. Though this one pass will give access to loads of backcountry it seems and they have good park. A day trip to another resort every now and then will happen.
  5. Hi Muikabochi, Including backcountry, I doubt getting to know a resort within a day is possible, or even two weeks. Have spent some time(8 weeks) in Brighton, Utah, and yes, we knew all the lifts and mountain layout within a few hours, getting to really know the surrounding backcountry is a different story. Have also spent loads of time in mega-resorts like 3Vallees, Tignes/Vald'Isere and Portes du Soleil. Bad backcountry cover and white outs can make these resorts super tiny (unless your main aim is groomers). Thanks Erik
  6. He Iiyamadude, What would you suggest then? Thinking not wanting to buy too many passes as that seriously makes the trip way more expensive. Same goes for moving too much. A friend has spend a few seasons in Hakuba area for example. Thanks Erik
  7. He Muikabochi Have considered the traveling around, though makes it a lot more expensive easily, multiple passes, no monthly rentals etc. Though a friend suggested getting a van, live in that and drive around. Mainly I prefer being based somewhere, even small resorts, and get to know the place very well. Thanks
  8. Hello all, Next winter I'll be coming to Japan from end of December till mid March for some playful times in the Japanese powdered mountains. So far I've got my eyes on Myoko. Seems to have loads of interesting steeps for hiking in the area. Plus they've got a good park it seems at Ikenotaira. But what about Yuzawa, especially Kagura and Naeba? Seen some pictures with nice lines next to Naeba, but any acces possible without sneaking around? Anybody else heading to any of those areas next winter? We'll have a car there so some driving is possible. Anyway, any thought
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