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  1. Actually sounds like a place I would like to visit... lots of not very used moguls. Perfect!
  2. And I wouldn't be bothering making money making movies at that age either!
  3. For those who have been to both... in terms of moguls: Hakkai-san or Happo-one?
  4. Yeah snow doesn't matter at all.... Congrats to the South Koreans.
  5. Originally Posted By: pie-eater Slightly off topic but is that dude the one from West Wing?
  6. Originally Posted By: Go Native Originally Posted By: masher of moguls I wonder if people mourned the end of scrolls? Or perhaps even slates before then. All these new-fangled things! What's to mourn? Books on paper are still far more popular than e-books and still readily available. Nothing to mourn yet. Dunno, why don't you ask him..... Originally Posted By: MitchPee I'll read both but I have a strong fear of digitalizing all books. That would be a sad day in humanity.
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