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  1. Sounds good WV. As long as I can keep my snowboard.
  2. Are there other ski areas that might be upset with the council if they let Kandatsu open without paying their taxes? That may be the rationale behind this.
  3. I wonder if they will bring Graham Chapman's ashes this time. http://youtu.be/JpL12ilpDnQ
  4. No, we need some possessions (after all, my snowboard is a possession)
  5. When we first moved to Australia and were staying with the inlaws, they were fostering ex racing greyhounds as part of a program to try to adopt them out to people as pets rather than getting put down. They really are lovely dogs. My better half would like to get one but currently its not possible for us. About the funniest thing we saw was when one dog saw its reflection in the sliding door and freaked out - it had had a bone earlier in the back yard and freaked out that this strange dog was going to steal its bone, so it barked at its reflection, which also barked back, so then it got
  6. If skiing is boring - this might help (found on a british skiforum): Leeds girl 34 yrs looking for a male ski partner to share room and ski! Hi, I'm from Leeds and looking for a male ski partner of a similar age to have a great ski holiday and share a room to reduce the costs. Last year I did the same thing and met another guy from Leeds and we had the most awesome holiday. I'd prefer to meet one person that lives in or near Leeds so we could get to know each other beforehand. It would be good to know if we will get on well before sharing a room for a week, lol. I'm not looking to do
  7. Agree on that, so go down the road and hire from a small business instead. A quick google search found skis and boots in Niseko for 4000 yen and I am sure I can find cheaper if I keep looking.
  8. So TB, if you were a landlord, and your tenant punched a hole in the wall, you would take there deposit but not charge them for the actual cost of repairing the wall?
  9. Hey Hyst....Chriselle is leader... Hey Criselle, I will back your nomination for leader... if you send me your chilli sauce recipe
  10. Also, if you were the owner of a ski rental shop, you get 4, maybe 5 months of income, which may need to last the whole year depending on what the off season situation is for that business. If it were possible for rentals to be cheaper, then there would be some shops doing it - and others would be forced to lower there price to compete. There is quite a difference in my experience though, between renting at the resort, and renting down the road / across the road from the resort - if you can get your rentals on the way rather than at the base area then you will most likely get them cheaper
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